Marturie – Vindecare de Cancer la Biserica Betel Dej


Cristian Bogeanu 3 februarie 2013 – La Biserica Betel Dej – Poza de la Multumesc foarte mult lui Iosif Tatar pentru acest video!

Programul incepe cu o cantare – Dumnezeul de pe munte e acelasi in vale. Marturia incepe la minutul 3:40.

In 2007, Cristian Bogeanu era in lume si cunostea doar un Dumnezeu formal la care i se inchina doar in rarele sale vizite  cand mergea la o biserica. Prin acest cancer devastator, Dumnezeu  la dus la pocainta si i-a incredintat o lucrare de a merge si a vesti Evanghelia Sa.

In 2009, Cristian mai avea de trait putin, putin de tot  (zile,sau saptamani cel mult) si stia ca se va duce in tarana pamantului. Din 2007 avea  limfom non hodgkinian cu celule mari B, cu grad inalt de malignitate, o forma rara de cancer, care se manifesta galopant. A mers la un cerc de rugaciune la o biserica penticostala, pentru ca a auzit ca acolo Dumnezeu vindeca bolnavii, si in timp ce el impreuna cu ceilalti adunati se rugau, a venit un cuvant din partea Domnului printr-o persoana care nu stia problema lui, in care i s-a spus ca inca nu a sosit timpul ca el sa plece la cele vesnice.  Avea un copilas de sub 1 an. Indemnat de altii, a mers la o clinica in China pentru a urma un tratament, unde doctorii de acolo i-au spus ca ei nu garanteaza nimic pentru ca el a venit „prea tarziu”. In starea lui terminala, s-a imprietenit cu un ateu chinez, care era unul din doctori, numit Frankie, care la urma s-a pocait cand a vazut mana lui Dumnezeu. Dar, in seara cand Cristian si-a facut bagajele sa se intoarca in Romania din China, doctorii l-au anuntat ca acest cancer galopant a reaparut. El s-a intors in Romania si prin credinta (aruncand la gunoi toate medicamentele), in timp ce se ruga lui Dumnezeu impreuna cu altii, la un cuvant al lui Dumnezeu, oasele lui pline de cancer i s-au regenerat si cancerul a disparut complet.

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  1. Delight in Truth
    mart. 02, 2013 @ 23:09:11

    This is very powerful. The description (using medical terms) of the advanced cancer alone tells the end-stage prognosis. The fact that he is alive and well is the only proof one needs that this man is a walking miracle.

    • rodi
      mart. 02, 2013 @ 23:17:27

      You know what else is amazing about this healing? The fact that Cristian preaches and claims that God had written his name in the Book of life, since before the creation of the world, and giving him cancer was the only way to prompt him to leave his sports career and riches in order to follow Christ. And he says that the same thing happened to his wife, who initially refused to repent and become a Christian. Yet, they were both healed.

      Another shocking thing is that God led him to go to China, in order for one atheist on that oncology team to turn from his atheism and become a christian, because the treatment failed to help him.

      This is just really awesome testimony, and there are simple people in the city of Timisoara who love the Lord and prophesyed to Cristian every step of the way, without having know him or anything about him (in most of the cases). So, the gift of prephecy is in full use in Romania because this is not the first conversion story I have listened to, where the Holy Spirit worked with signs and wonders.

      • gabebogdan
        mart. 03, 2013 @ 00:42:53

        I had a aunt that had cancer metastaza, with few weeks to live after a surgery that was unsuccessful… they only opened her without doing anything after they saw what was in there…two weeks after a prayer my dad with some other brothers had in her hospital room she shows up at our house with her bags walking…no cancer…

        • rodi
          mart. 03, 2013 @ 08:20:46

          wow, those are miracles that cannot be contested! And we see clearly that God s still in the business of healing, and He does it in subtle ways, in far off places in order to fulfill His salvation plans for people. It is awesome to hear such testimonies. Thanks for sharing!

  2. elisa
    mart. 03, 2013 @ 10:37:17

    Dumnezeu poate vindeca totul , Slava Domnului.

  3. LiviuandRamonaMaxim
    feb. 25, 2014 @ 07:00:12

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  5. IubireNuCancer
    sept. 21, 2014 @ 08:56:56

    Vă invit să citiți o carte născută din experiența luptei cu cancerul în România: ”Mama e iubire, de ce-mi vorbiți de cancer?”
    Detalii pe

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