David Platt – We’re living in a day when it means almost nothing to be a Christian

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David Platt spoke on the issue of discipleship at this year’s Verge Conference, asking what it means to know Christ biblically and to be an actual disciple of Jesus Christ. „How we answer the question will affect in every way how we make disciples,” Platt told thousands of attendees Friday at the The Moody Theater in Austin, Texas.

„We’re living in a day when it means almost nothing to be a Christian,” said Platt, sharing recent statistics that show many self-professed believers in the U.S. are „marginally committed to Jesus,” which he said shows that many are „deceived” about their relationship with Christ.

„There are a whole lot of people in our country who think that they are Christians but they are not,” he added, noting that there are many Americans who „culturally identify themselves as Christians and biblically are not followers of Christ.” He cited Jesus as saying in Matthew 7:21 of the Bible that „not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven.”

While focusing on Matthew 4’s account of Jesus calling Peter to be his disciple, or to follow him, Platt also painted a picture of Jesus as savior, messiah and the „center of all history.”

Knowing that God in the flesh Himself is saying „follow me,” should impress hearers with the weight of that call, he insisted.

„We need to feel the weight and the wonder of the one who’s speaking here,” he said, adding, „It’s either turn and run, or bow and worship.”

„This Jesus is more worthy than nominal adherence and casual association,” the minister added while admonishing self-professed Christians „who confess Jesus” but whose lives „don’t look any different” than the lives of nonbelievers.

The evangelical Christian minister emphasized, „When you know this Christ, everything begins to change in your life.”

Platt, who leads The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Ala., insisted that churches need to „stop selling” the sinner’s prayer as the benchmark for a genuine commitment to Christ, which implies that no real life change is necessary.

„You become a follower of Jesus and you lose your life as you know it,” he said, rattling off a list that includes status, material pleasure and relationships as things that are often lost and sacrificed for the sake of God’s eternal kingdom.

„That may sound extreme to some, but don’t forget who the ‘me’ is here,” Platt added. „It doesn’t make sense until you realize who Jesus is” and it is „stunning” to consider the reality of the Gospel being all about Jesus „running after us” although people are the ones who need him.

Following Jesus calls for „radical abandonment” of one’s life for his glory and living with an urgent obedience to the Great Commission to „go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:16-20) – because following Jesus „inevitably leads to making disciples for Jesus,” concluded Platt.

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  1. The Master's Slave
    mart. 07, 2013 @ 10:13:01

    Reblogged this on The Master's Slave.

  2. gabi
    mart. 08, 2013 @ 01:04:42

    I went back to read some of the comments under the article on C.P. most are charging Platt with preaching a „works salvation „…. sometimes you wonder what Bible some people read

    • rodi
      mart. 08, 2013 @ 01:16:50

      I know, they (reformed) have done that from the first time David Platt has opened his mouth to preach the Word of God. It is too uncomfortable for some to believe that a christian ought to do anything but rest in his salvation- in my opinion, the same guys who rightfully denounce the prosperity preachers, themselves are offended that they should feel guilty of being rich- which is what we are if we live here in the US (ok assuming that one is employed). Jesus had no place to lay His head, Paul had a cloak and his parchments and books, we have so much and yet, we wanna be angry that someone is challenging us to do something for discipleship or to work in God’s kingdom? And the funny thing is that his detractors are not members of Platt’s church, so why are they so offended? In reality, they are offended at the Word Platt preaches, and so be it, as we all will give an account for being hearers and not doers of the word. God help us all!

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