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A key passageway to lower and central Appalachia, the natural junction was a site well-known to Native Americans throughout the centuries. Upon physician and explorer Dr. Thomas Walker’s praise, the pass was expanded by a team of loggers led by none other than Daniel Boone. Photo –

Psalm 43:3
Send forth your light and your truth, let them guide me; let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell.

Psalm 36:9
For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light.

Job 33:28
He redeemed my soul from going down to the pit, and I will live to enjoy the light.

2 Samuel 22:29 
You are my lamp, O LORD; the LORD turns my darkness into light.

Psalm 97:11 
11 Light is shed upon the righteous and joy on the upright in heart.

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