David Platt – What is worth losing everything for?

…I think about two families that we just sent out last month, one to the heart of the middle east, another to the heart of central Asia, both among extremely difficult to reach people groups and one of these husbands tells our church:

„Some of you think that we are being reckless. He’s sitting there with his wife and two young kids, going into the heart of the middle east. Some of you think we are being reckless.” He looked at our church and said, „I think we’re in far greater danger of being safe than reckless in our contemporary christianity.”

And I agree whole heartedly, we do not bow at the altar of safety in this world. We die to self, we die to sin. We risk our lives and this is what it means to follow Him. To follow Jesus is to hold loosely to the things of this world- comfort, careers, possessions, position, family, friends, safety, ourselves to cling tightly to the person of Christ and the mission of His kingdom.

Now, that may sound extreme to some, but, don’t forget who the ‘me’ is here. To leave behind, lay down and abandon everything in your life doesn’t make sense until you realize who Jesus is. But, when you realize who He is, when you realize who Christ the King is, leaving behind, laying down, abandoning everything in our lives is the only thing that makes sense. Right? This is Matthew 13:44- Jesus tells the story of a man walking in the field, stumbles upon a treasure that no one else knows is there. This guy knows, this treasure hidden in the field is worth more than everything I’ve got put together. So what does he do? He covers it back up. He goes and sells everything he has- the text says „with gladness, he sells everything he has.” People come up to him and say, „You’re crazy, what are you doing?” „Sell everything you have, I’m gonna buy that field over there.” „You’re gonna buy that field? You’r nuts”. He smiles, he’s doing this with gladness, he’s abandoning everything with gladness. Why? Why is he smiling? Because he knows he’s found something that is worth losing everything for.

Brothers and sisters, we have found evreything in this King, Someone who is worth losing everything for.

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