Pastor Saeed Abedini torture stepped up in notorious Iranian prison

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As Americans, and as citizens of free countries we are having the opportunity to watch living martyrs and possible future deaths of Christ followers, something we had not seen before the advent of the internet, where information flows freely even from countries like Iran, which are tightly monitored and controlled.

By posting updates on Pastor Saeed frequently (and others in his situation), our intent is only to highlight the work of Christ, through the Holy Spirit, yet through dedicated men and women who have sacrificed their futures, and in many cases their lives, in order to proclaim the Gospel to those that have never heard it. Just like in the book of ACTS, the persecution of Christians fanned the Gospel into a wider and broader geographical area, and thus more souls were won to Christ. As we heard a North Korean brother say, here in this video, that when he saw the public execution of 2 young men and a woman who had brought Bibles into his town, instead of scaring him, it made him want to know this Christ of the Bible even more. This North Korean brother has now trained in the knowledge of God’s word and is going back and being a witness to his kinsmen, even unto death, if caught.

But getting back to Pastor Saeed, here is the update from the Christian Post:

Pastor Saeed Abedini Severely Beaten,

Fainting From Internal Bleeding

The American Center for Law and Justice received news that U.S. pastor Saeed Abedini has been severely beaten in Evin Prison in Tehran, denied proper medical care, and experiencing fainting spells.

„Pastor Saeed reported today that last week he was severely beaten when the prison officials took him to the hospital. During the weekly prison visit today, Pastor Saeed’s family reported that his physical condition is worsening – seeing first-hand the marks and symptoms left by the recent beating. These beatings and the internal injuries are causing Pastor Saeed frequent fainting spells,” the law group, which is representing Abedini’s wife and two children back in America, revealed in a statement on Monday.

The Iranian-born pastor, who converted to Christianity and was building an orphanage for children when he was arrested in Tehran last year, was sentenced to eight years in prison in January for „endangering national security.” The ACLJ called that a „sham trail,” however, noting that the real reason behind Abedini’s sentence was his faith.

Inside Evin prison, Abedini has been pressured to deny his faith in Christ, and even threatened that he will not be released after the 8-year sentence unless he does so, but the pastor has refused to recant his faith.

He has been suffering from internal bleeding because of the beatings, however, and his wife Naghmeh has expressed deep concern for his well-being.

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  1. tiva82
    apr. 16, 2013 @ 08:59:52

    He need our prayers seriously God who is above will provide a way,

  2. Delight in Truth
    apr. 16, 2013 @ 18:10:59

    Lets pray that God will save him from this horror. And to know that this happens in our day and age is just a testament to how close the Second Coming is.

    I am very concerned about the internal bleeding and the injuries he has from those beatings.

    Why isn’t the UN or Red Cross pushing to get in there and evaluate him?

    Why isn’t Obama and Kerry shouting from the WH to release him?

    • rodi
      apr. 16, 2013 @ 21:36:19

      It is horrible that Pastor Saeed’s captors are torturing him, they act like they want to inflict maximum damage, and kill him slowly, daily, since they know our government lacks the compassion needed to intervene on behalf of humanitarians, if they happen to be God fearing volunteers in a foreign country. Whichever crown God has prepared for Pastor Saeed will bear out in the conclusion of his captivity. May God comfort him and lessen what has to be acute and ongoing pain from internal bleeding. I know someone who died from internal bleeding and I have seen how excruciating the pain. What a tremendous testimony Pastor Saeed has, and his courage and faithfulness are exemplary and worthy of the Lord Jesus Christ, whom we all follow. Lord God, please keep Your watch over him and his family.

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