David Platt – The Tragic Cost of Non-Discipleship

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David PlattDavid Platt @VergeConference 2013: Yes, Dietrich Bonhoeffer has taught us well, that the cost of discipleship is great. To live with radical abandonment for His glory, faithful adherence to His person, urging obedience to His mission, this is costly. This is gonna cost us and the people we lead, our lives. But I submit to you this morning, that the cost of non-discipleship is far, far, far greater. The cost of non-discipleship is great for scores of people in the church, who are sitting comfortably right now, under the banner of Christianity, but they’ve never counted the cost of following Christ. Many, eternally deceived. There is great cost for all who settle for casual association with Jesus, and miss out on the abundance and satisfaction and joy that He has designed for us.

There’s a cost that comes to monotonous routine religious Christianity. So, don’t do it, and don’t lead churches like that! We’ll waste our lives away like that, and the cost will be great for us and the church, and our lives, And the cost of nominal Christianity will be great for those who are lost in this world: for people in our communities, in our cities, for people groups around the world who will go on without the Gospel because we’re content of not making disciples of all the nations. Because is our casual approach to Christianity, we are leaving them on a road that leads to an eternal hell. The consequences of casual, cultural Christianity in the world are tragic. Eternally tragic. So, I urge us, from the beginning of this conference, in view of the majesty of the King who has called us, let’s follow Him with abandonment for His glory, with dependence on His grace, with adherence to His person, and with urgent obedience to His mission.

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