Matt Chandler – Jesus is enough!

And He is before all things, and in Him, all things hold together. He is head of the body- the church. He is the beginning, the first born from the dead, that in everything, He might be

  • preeminent
  • top
  • nothing above Him
  • nothing else to gain
  • nothing else to get

The goal, the end, what it’s all about is Jesus.

I’m gonna try to combat something here as hard as I can. Look at me:

  • following Jesus is not going to make you wealthy. 
  • following Jesus does not guarantee that you’re going to be healthy

The message of Scripture, and the Gospel of Christ is not that in following Him everything goes right, but that He is enough, no matter what happens. That’s the message of the Gospel, not that everything’s gonna be okay.

Every apostle in the Bible dies bad. They don’t just stumble in the street and get run over in a car. They get beheaded, they get crucified upside down. They get boiled in oil. They die poor, and they’re slaughtered. Spurgeon, the prince of preachers struggles with depression his whole life, and then dies. Christianity has been built and then carried through generations on the blood of men. Not on wealth! This is an absurd idea that would make Christ not preeminent- but, what He can give you. That is not Christianity, that is something entirely different.

Jesus is enough! He is enough! We pursue healing, maybe we get it, maybe we don’t. He’s enough if we don’t. Jesus is sufficient. Like in Acts, the apostles, they get arrested. And the court says, „If you don’t quit this preaching stuff, if you don’t quit talking about Jesus, we’re gonna beat you to death. And the response was simple: „Do what you think is right, as for us, we cannot help in speaking about what we have seen and heard. And they beat the mess out of them, and released them. ANd they did what? Rejoiced! I mean, they got beat nearly to death. This was the fruit of the Gospel in their lives. Beatings! And they left rejoicing!

This is not about what Jesus gets you. It’s just about Jesus!

  • preeminent
  • top of the chain
  • nothing else to want
  • nothing else to pursue


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