How far is too far, to go, for an engaged couple?

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I would say to the women, don’t entice a man to touch you thinking that this is the way to keep a man. He is not worth keeping if that is the way he is kept. And feel free to say to any man, “No, please don’t take us there.” And you can discern what kind of a man you are dealing with by how sensitive he is to that dimension of purity.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, they will see God” [Matthew 5:8]. That is what we want. We want to see God. . . . If a single person is listening to this saying, “Oh, all very nice. I’m not married, and there is nobody on the horizon. What am I supposed to do?” I just want to say one thing. Don’t feel second class. Jesus Christ is the most complete human being whoever lived and he never had sex. Not to be married and not to have sex is not to be an incomplete human being.

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  1. Sandra Miller
    apr. 30, 2013 @ 14:45:54

    Why does the promise to marry a person in the future invite this question? The couple is NOT married. Period. The rules for moral purity apply to them just as well as another couple. The fondling of the body is done to incite passions reserved for marrieds only. It should never be a point of contention. A couple can wait, if one or the other thinks they cannot you better tell him/her to get lost. If they find it a problem to maintain purity during this time, just know the temptation will be very real once the vows are said to do it to another person. In fact, the old people used to say if a person was promiscuous before they were married they will continue after. We all know that repentance can change this temptation but still you must know that once you give in you can never recall what you lost.

    • rodi
      apr. 30, 2013 @ 17:26:02

      Sandra, thanks for making your point. It is sad that such a distinction has to be made in our age, but, I believe that although the post was intended for all single people, I think it was especially targeting engaged couples, because that is where many young people fall into sin, by jumping the gun and acting as if they are already married.

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