Matt Chandler – Grace through the eyes of the Father (Luke 15)

ChandlerLuke 15 – This chapter is scandalous, it’s one of the things that gets Jesus killed. I don’t know about you, I don’t know your background, but, that was the part that never made sense to me about Jesus. We have Jesus healing diseases, raising people from the dead, and they killed Him for that? And so, for a long time I was really confused. Why are they killing Jesus? Luke 15 is one of those reasons, because what He is about to do in this text, is He is about to completely deconstruct this world, as they knew it, and, reconstruct the world as He created it. And, when that happens, people get confused and they get angry, and the power they thought they have, they realize they don’t have. And, when ways they have made themselves feel important are taken from them, and when you take from people their right to be their own god- their ‘perceived’ right to be their own god, they tend to get aggressive.

And, what’s about to happen, (and this is gonna be a lesson for some of you quickly), Jesus doesn’t just deconstruct, but He reconstructs. Now, let me tell you why that’s important. Because we’re young, and let me tell you what young people know. Young people can spot the problems with stuff. But they kind of stink at figuring out what to do about it. So, they’re really good at pointing out the errors of the generation behind them, or in front of them, but they don’t really know how to build anything to replace it. But, hear me. If you tear everything down and you don’t build anything in it’s place, everybody ends up homeless. This text is unbelievable and the key is in verses 1 & 2.

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