Muslim Europe: Opportunities for Evangelism

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Dr. Darrell Bock at Dallas Theological Seminary

In Part 1 of this series, Dr. Bock and Dr. Ekholm discuss Dr. Ekholm’s work with refugees in Europe and the opportunities for ministering to Muslims in a Western, secular context.…
00:00 Dr. Ekholm’s Ministry in Greece
9:05 European Concerns Regarding Open Borders, Immigrants and Refugees
13:57 Dr. Ekholm’s Ministry in the Middle East
18:59 What Draws Muslims to the Gospel?…
22:11 Issues in Ministering to People From Islamic Backgrounds…
27:09 Teaching New Believers How to Study the Bible
30:13 Is There a Particular Gospel that Draws Muslims the Most?…

„We are committed to you as a brother in Christ and we’re not just doing this because this is our job.”

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