Infanticide: Is our culture returning to paganism?

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Infanticide has a long history, and several cultures have routinely practiced it for several reasons including birth control, to destroy handicapped individuals seen as unfit and to kill female children because of cultural preference for males. While Infanticide is currently considered a much bigger taboo than abortion in America, it still takes place today in the U.S. and in other countries around the world. (Read more about it here) Also, read the Grand Jury Sumary on Dr. Gosnell, who performed infanticide as part of his botched abortions – The grand jury report in the Kermit Gosnell case is a detailed look into the grotesque conditions to which the Philadelphia abortionist subjected women and infants. The doctor is facing murder charges in the death of one patient due to a botched abortion, and seven babies. One employee testified that hundreds of born-alive children were killed in the clinic.

Michael F. Bird on where our culture is headed

Just like in a game of chess, which requires one to think ahead of the moves that follow, so, Michael F. Bird- a New Testament and historical Jesus scholar, and well known author (see amazon list here- and his contribution to Baker’s academic New Testament Backgrounds Set here – writes an article  (which you can read here in full-, in which Bird comes to a startling conclusion- if he is correct, our society is returning to paganism.

His points: First, Same Sex Marriage is inevitable. Next, he believes euthanasia will be coming, and with it, a devaluation of the elderly. And after that, Bird believes infanticide will be on the horizon. Here he points to Planned Parenthood’s defense of post-birth abortion- infanticide:

Added to that, Planned Parenthood has recently defended infanticide: If you pay money, you are owed a dead baby! I think infanticide is a logically consistent corollary of abortion. If you are going to terminate a child in utero, then let’s be honest, going six inches down the birth canal can hardly change the infant’s legal rights or ontological status. So infanticide is just a logical outworking of abortion. But a cruel, bastardly, and barbaric logic is still cruel, bastardly, and barbaric regardless of how internally consistent it is.

Bird lays out a good case as to how infanticide will be portrayed in order to make it acceptable by its campaigners:

  1. They will call it post abortion, not infanticide, but as he states „killing an infant is an execution„.
  2. They will make examples out of infants born with terminal illnesses that need to end their suffering
  3. Planned Parenthood will parade teary eyed parents wishing they would have aborted the child in order to avoid the suffering
  4. Feminists will say that women are not truly liberated unless given the right to terminate their own infants
  5. You must be a religious nut if you are against infanticide

Now, if maybe we would have read this article by Bird before the infanticide performed at the Gosnell abortion clinic (which the media is purposefully ignoring) we might have thought it a bit of a stretch, or something in a possible, yet very distant future. But, Bird is spot on. And he calls for all of us to get our stuff together.

Bird offers his solution:

If infanticide ever becomes permissible it will mean the death of western culture as we know it. No longer a light in the darkness, but a greater part of the darkness. It will mean that we are ruled by Barbarians with Law degrees from Harvard. I believe that the one group with the resources and testicular fortitude to stand up for the defenceless, to be a voice for the voiceless, is the church of Jesus Christ. It’s what we do. Whether that was stopping gladiatorial contests in the arena or setting up hospices for the dying. In a world, like the Roman empire, that is often cold, brutal, and dark, where the weak are exploited or expendable, Christians are to be lights against darkness and a force against evil.

Please read Bird’s lengthy article here, and share it with as many people as you can (Christian and non-Christian)-


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