2013 Romanian West Coast Youth Conference Phoenix, Arizona – Program Schedule May 24th -27th


  1. Penticostale Editia 45 – 2013 –  A 45-a Conventie a Bisericilor Penticostale Romane din SUA si Canada – Descopera Pasiunea Slujirii 30 August – 2 Septembrie 2013
  2. Baptiste Editia 101 – 2013 – Cea de-a 101-a Conventie a Bisericilor Baptiste Române din SUA și Canada – Portland, 30 august – 1 septembrie, 2013
  3. Penticostale anul 2014 – Editia 46 va fi in Portland Oregon

CLICK PHOTOS for link to VIDEOS from the Conference @Credo TV

Also, photos via Facebook – West Coast Youth Conference Pageyou can see additional photos here.

Credo TV is featuring 6 videos of the conference held this past weekend – Friday – Sunday here – http://www.credo.tv/index.php/en/conferințe/west-coast-youth-convention.html Click on the link to watch the videos.

Faceti click pe poze sau pe acest link – http://www.credo.tv/index.php/en/conferințe/west-coast-youth-convention.html sa vizionati programele de la Conferinta (6 fisiere video la Credo TV)

Hosted by Maranatha Christian Church at Happy Valley Christian Center, Phoenix, AZ

Rooted & Grounded-Jeremiah 17:7-8
Friday, May 24th thru Monday, May 27, 2013

On behalf of Maranatha Romanian Church we would like to extend a warm invitation to the annual 2013 West Coast Christian Romanian Youth Conference! We are honored to be entrusted to host the 2013 West Coast Youth Conference.
This year’s theme is Rooted and Grounded. Jeremiah 17:7-8 reads,

“Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, and whose hope is the LORD. For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters, which spreads out its roots by the river, and will not fear when heat comes; But its leaf will be green, and will not be anxious in the year of drought, nor will cease from yielding fruit(NKJV).”

We hope this year’s theme will challenge, provoke, and equip us to develop strong roots in Christ and remain grounded in Him during times of drought and intense heat. Our purpose for this Memorial Day Weekend is to unite together in fellowship with a time of prayer, worship and study of God’s Word. Our hope is to be able to strengthen relationships with one another and build each other up in the Lord.
Tickets cost $15 for the weekend and free parking.

With Faith in Christ,
Maranatha Youth Ministry
Phoenix, AZ

Program Schedule – Friday Night

          7:00-7:05  Elim Worship team from Tacoma, WA. (Assembly of God) 1 song
          7:05-7:15  Welcome, present 1st speaker, & prayer(Christian Moghina Phoenix, AZ)
          7;15-7:18  Indemn/Intro to songs(Darius Zaharia, Tabor Riverside, CA)
          7:18-7:32  Elim Worship team from Tacoma, WA.  3 more songs hopefully that leads into prayer
          7:35-8:00  Speaker-read the Word, pray (Abel Tirla in English from Anaheim, CA Emanuel Church of God)
          8:00-8:05 indemn pentru colecta, present group songs(George Puraci San Bernardino, CA)
8:05-8:10 cantare –Adi Gliga Romania
8:10-8:15 cantare –Group form Seattle, WA Hope Church
8:15-8:18 present Speaker, Indemn/Intro to songs, (Andy Dembi, Maranatha Nampa, ID)
8:18-8:32  Bethel Worship team from Anaheim, CA. (RP Union) 3 songs
8:35-9:15  Speaker will read the Word, pray, and begin (Gabi Hada in Romanian from Portland, OR. Philadelphia Assembly of God)
9:15- Prayer & Worship with Bethel Worship team
Closing Prayer – Pastor Petrica Lascau 

Saturday Night

6:00-6:05  Philadelphia worship team from Portland, OR. (Assembly of God) 1 song

6:05-6:15  Welcome, present 1st speaker, & prayer(Cristian Popa Phoenix, AZ)
6;15-6:18  Indemn/Intro to songs(Agape or New Hope Church Anaheim, CA– not confirmed yet)
6:18-6:32  Philadelphia Worship team from Portland, OR.  3 more songs
hopefully that leads into prayer 
6:35-7:00  Speaker will read the Word, pray, and begin (Marius Sentiveanu in Romanian from Seattle, WA. 1st Romanian (RP Union)
7:00-7:05 indemn pentru colecta, present group songs (Cornel Gaboras Bethel Anaheim, CA)
7:05-7:10 cantare – group from Modesto, CA Emmanuel Church
7:10-7:15 cantare –Adi Gliga Romania
7:15-7:18 present Speaker, Indemn/Intro to songs, (Agape Portland, OR person not confirmed yet)
7:18-7:32  Emanuel Worship team from Sacramento, CA. (RP Union) 3 songs
7:35-7:15  Speaker will read the Word, pray, and begin (Daniel Isfan in English from Clarkville, TN US Army Chaplain)
8:15- Prayer & Worship with Emanuel Worship team
Closing Prayer –Pastor Cornel Avram 

Sunday Night

6:00-6:05  Phoenix United, AZ churches worship team 1 song

6:05-6:15  Welcome, present 1st speaker, & prayer(Christian Moghina Phoenix, AZ)
6;15-6:18  Indemn/Intro to songs(John Mesesan AZ)
6:18-6:32  Phoenix United, AZ worship team  3 more songs
hopefully that leads into prayer 
6:35-7:00  Speaker will read the Word, pray, and begin (Eddie Sfrengeu in English from Sacramento, CA Maranatha Church of God)
7:00-7:05 indemn pentru colecta, present group songs(Dan Salajan Emmanuel  Sacramento, CA)
7:05-7:10 cantare –Adi Gliga Romania
7:10-7:15 cantare –?
7:15-7:18 present Speaker, Indemn/Intro to songs, (Cristian Trufin AZ)
7:18-7:32 Phoenix United, AZ churches worship team 3 songs
7:35-8:15  Speaker will read the Word, pray, and begin (Marian Condrat in Romanian from Tacoma, WA. Elim Church)
8:15- Prayer & Worship with Phoenix, AZ worship teamClosing Prayer – Pastor Nelu Filip
The main theme about the conference is found in Jeremiah 17:7-8 Rooted & Grounded

Two Service Projects for Saturday morning

1.) Feed the Homeless
2.) Visit the Elderly and Sick

Two seminars for Saturday morning

3. Rooted and Grounded in The Creation: Why Genesis is a foundational book for all Christians.    Taught by George Puraci 

4. Rooted and Grounded in Life: Why the Christian must be „pro-life”.    Taught by Chris Prunean

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