Sex trafficking up 18% in Europe (Reporting from Austria)

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Your prayers are needed for Austria.

Operation Mobilization says plans to build Europe’s largest brothel are in the works. Called the „FunMotel,” a large-scale brothel on the outskirts of Vienna would service 1000 customers a day in nearly 150 rooms.

The Austrian businessman behind this project reportedly claims the FunMotel will transform the sex industry from „grocer to supermarket.” Along with decreasing the social stigma attached to prostitution and brothels, an increase in market demand will put more women at risk of sex trafficking.

Ask the Lord to intervene in this situation. Pray the brothel won’t be built.

According to an April report from the European Commission, human trafficking is on the rise in Europe. Trafficking went up 18% between 2008 and 2010; this could be „the tip of the iceberg,” though, according to some EU officials.

A „clear majority” of victims in the European Commission’s report, some 61 percent, hail from a European Union nation. Most claimed citizenship in Romania or Bulgaria, the two poorest EU states.

OM EAST, an OM team supporting churches throughout Eurasia, brings the hope of Christ to Vienna’s prostitutes. Their claims support this finding, stating on the OM EAST Web site that every second prostitute in Greece and Austria is from Romania.

To try and „turn the tide” of this massive injustice, OM EAST is networking with other agencies on preventative measures like outreaches, meetings in Eastern European churches and schools, and good literature projects to strengthen families.

Click here to learn more about the work of OM EAST and how you can come alongside their efforts.

Please pray for those caught in the hopeless web of sex trafficking. Pray that the light of Christ will shine into their lives through OM workers. Pray that more will be done to protect women from this evil.

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  1. Delight in Truth
    mai 30, 2013 @ 13:35:12

    This is beyond sad.

    I ask, how is it possible that a country like Romania with deep orthodox moral roots and the highest percentage of evangelicals in the EU is a leader in immorality? #1 in abortion rate in Europe, and the leader in the above matter…

    There are GODLESS and ATHEISTIC countries who are better than Romania on these matters! Sorry to vent, had to get that off my chest.

    Sa aibe Dumnezeu mila de România….

    • rodi
      mai 30, 2013 @ 13:44:58

      I don’t know the particular statistics of Austria, or about how the Romanian girls wound up there, but I have seen documentaries of girls recruited for menial jobs with the promise of a good salary, and even paying a hefty fee to be driven to the western European countries in search of work, only to find out they were lied to, their identification papers taken from them and forced into prostitution. I am coming to the horrible realization that when the words ‘sex trafficking’ are used, it almost always means that it was coerced and involuntary by the women who are ‘trafficked’. I think there are not that many that willingly do it (might be some initially, not knowing what they are really walking into), since they are virtually slaves of the people who exploit them, with no freedoms to come and go and no money either. The real tragedy is that Romania and Bulgaria are targeted by these despicable pimps, because people are desperate for work and in earning a living.

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