Sergiu Nichescu – Un om fara maini, dar plin de Duhul lui Dumnezeu

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World Watch Monitor – In Eritrea, ‘Persecution greater than ever and getting worse’


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The persecution of Christians in the African country of Eritrea is at record levels and increasing, according to an Eritrean Christian leader.

Churches in Eritrea have been monitored closely since May 2002, when the government closed all Protestant and Pentecostal churches which did not apply for registration.

Eleven years later, there is evidence of widespread human rights abuses by the Eritrean government, according to human rights organisation, Amnesty International. The director of Release Eritrea, a UK-based human rights organisation, told World Watch Monitor there had been an “intensification” of religious persecution since January.

“We can’t pin it down to anything that has happened, or triggered it, but there have been lots of arrests,” she said.

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(1) Why apologetics? A new series of apologetic tools

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A great series from Robin Schumaker, a Christian Post blogger to help us with apologetics:

Without a doubt, our culture today is a very visual one. Ravi Zacharias has described people today as „listening with their eyes.”

This first slideshare has 38 slides. Click on the right arrow to advance the pages. Click on the left arrow to go back one page or more.

(1) Why apologetics?

Why Apologetics from Robin Schumacher

David Platt – at Liberty University (NEW) with Spanish subtitles – a great message to share with Spanish speaking friends



Someone has taken the initiative to do the hard labor of translating and captioning David Platt’s message from a commencement address at Liberty University in 2011. Please share this message with Spanish (only) speaking friends. They will be very blessed by it.

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