Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe

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Read about some 900+ cases here.

Legal Restrictions Affecting Christians / Report 2012 (see short video on left side of page)

The Observatory’s Report 2012 contains two parts:

  1. Legal restrictions affecting christians in Europe and
  2. the most striking cases of intolerance and discrimination throughout Europe in the year 2012.

The Observatory’s Report on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in the Year 2012 was released on May, 21st, 2013, at an OSCE high level conference on Tolerance and Discrimination in Albania. Read the keynote speech by the Observatory’s Director Gudrun Kugler here.

The legal restrictions affecting Christians in Europe were researched especially in these areas: Limiting Conscientious Objection (we especially detected problems in: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, and Ireland); Curbing Free Speech by Hate Speech Legislation (France, Sweden, and the United Kingdom; Violations of Freedom of Assembly and Association (Austria, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain), Discriminatory Equality Policies (EU, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom) and Limiting Parental Rights (Belgium, France, Germany, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden).

The Report also contains a summary of and comment on the latest European Court of Human Rights Jurisprudence on Religious Freedom.

View press release: in Englishin German.

The OIDAC – European Network is a network of non-governmental organisations, researchers, intellectuals and experts who share the goal of raising awareness on the problem of intolerance and discrimination against Christians in Europe, as a first step towards a remedy and the basis for concrete action.

The European Network supports the raising of awareness by data collection, analysis, publications and engagement with the media and governmental institutions.

The Network is a network of information.
The Network is a network of exchange.
The Network is a network of coordinated efforts.
The Network engages in common activities where appropriate.

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