What is God’s Relationship to Metaphysical Time?

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One of the thought provoking questions we all have concerning God and time-
What is God’s relationship to metaphysical time? Dr William Lane Craig answers this question after his lecture entitled, „What is God’s Relationship to Time?” This was a lecture given by Dr Craig in the mid-90s that explores that very question.

Dr. William Lane Craig:

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Newton believed both time and space were infinite. And I don’t accept that. I think that time and space are finite. And so, the places where I would take issue with Newton is: Why do we think that God’s existence would require the existence of an endless or a beginning of time? And it seems to me that there’s no need for that. If you have some sort of a relational view of time, according to which, in the total absence of events there is no time, then, if God exists changelessly, without creation, alone, by himself, then God existing in such a state would be timeless. I don’t see any reason to think that in the total absence of change, that there would be the lapse of time.

And on my own understanding I would say that God alone, without creation, without the universe, existing by Himself, exists timelessly. And that with the occurrence of the first event, which is the moment of creation, God enters into time and sustains temporal relationships with creatures. Now, when that beginning of time occurred no one really knows. It’s convenient to say ‘at the big bang’, because that’s when physical time & space began. But, theoretically He could have been making these angelic realms prior to the moment of the big bang. I don’t know, but my own conviction would be that God enters into the first moment of time at the first event and is thereafter temporal. VIDEO by ReasonableFaithOrg Photo of Dr. Craig via Dr. Craig.

Short clip (see full lecture in second video)

FULL LECTURE – God’s Relationship to Time

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