Are you bored with God?

via by Thomas McDaniels: If you’re bored with life, you’re bored with God. How could you be on fire for God and bored with life?


„We must measure our Christianity by our relationship with God, not our relationship with our church. If you’re bored in life, you’re bored with God! How can you be on fire for God and bored with life? Because if you’re bored with life you are bored with God. But, do you know what I find? I find that people get bored with church. Why? Because we’re doing it the wrong way and we expect God’s results: How much was in the offering? How many children in the children’s dept.? We’re measuring the wrong gauge. Maybe we should find out who is not here, because maybe they’re ministering. Maybe we should find out who is in a nursing home. Maybe we should find out who is in the prison preaching the Gospel.

Maybe we’re asking the wrong questions and maybe we should start asking the right questions, and this is what God is dealing with my heart about:

  1. How many non Christian organizations are using your building Tom?
  2. How many sinners attend your services?
  3. Are we inviting the poor to our banquets?
  4. How many of our neighbors call us for help, Pastor Tom?

That’s my questison. Every neighbor around here that’s having a problem should be calling the church right here. But, if we would love our neighbor as ourself… „Love your neighbor as yourself..” Is that an option? Jesus never said, „Love your neighbor as yourself- if you want to.. or, Love your neighbor as yourself if it’s convenient for you… or, Love your neighbor as yourself if you’re not busy, or if you don’t have a 50-60 hour a week job. It’s okay, it’s optional.” Jesus didn’t say it was optional.
And you say, „I love my neighbor.” Oh, you don’t know him. And you say, „Well, that’s all right, I’m just supposed to love him.” There’s another verse: „as yourself.” You know you. So, if you know you, you’re supposed to know them.




Love Yourself Much? from LifeBridge on Vimeo.


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