Al Mohler – A Gospel Centered Response to Homosexuality




Albert Mohler posted an excellent response to the issue of homosexuality here – During the Baptist 21 Panel at the 2013 Southern Baptist Convention in Houston Mohler was asked about a Christian Gospel-centered response to homosexuality.

I transcribed part of the 8 minute video, starting at around the 2 min mark:

„Homosexuality is a sin that leads to death, along with adultery, along with being disobedient to parents, along with being a gossip… many people in our culture have bought into the lie that their sexual desire is who they are. The reality is that every human being north of puberty is a pervert, in the sense that there isn’t any Christian, or any person we know that is without sexual sin- at least, even if you define that as ‘falling short of the glory of God…. every honest person knows that whether it’s a desire for relational fulfillment or the desire for the fulfillment of the flesh, we have all tried to make of our sexuality something that is basically idolatrous. This is the very point that Paul makes in Romans chapter 1. So we’re talking as sinners to sinners, and we know that.

And yet, those of us who are heterosexual sinners can have a place of wholeness and health in marriage, because the biblical theology of sexuality is entirely derivative of the biblical theology of marriage. And marriage, biblically defined is only one thing, and that is the union of a man and a woman. And Jesus, in the Gospel of Matther says, „It was God’s intention form the beginning that it would be so. So, the Bible authorizes heterosexual sinners to enter into the holy union of marriage. Which is holy, by the way, even if the people in it are unregenerate. It’s a Christian institution given to all. And thus, we can find sexual fulfillment, which is also given with the gift of procreation, which is so clear in the Genesis mandate, that the gift of sexuality  and the gift of marriage were given for the filling of the earth and the multiplication of God’s glory  in the progeny that would come.  

But, around us, we have this sexual liberation that tells people our sexual desires are who we are. We have no way of knowing if there are more people that have in themselves same sex desires, but there certainly is an authorization now to name it, to claim it, and to say, „This is who I am.”  We, as Christians, are gonna be in a tremendously difficult position. Everybody feels it. The younger you are, the more keenly and acutely you know it. Maintaining biblical conviction is going to be a very high cost all of us are going to have to pay.


If you tell people that their sin is not sin, then you’re telling them Jesus didn’t have to die for that, and you don’t need a Savior for that. And, as much as that’s true of my pride, and every sin of mine I can list- it’s true for them. And, if I deny that any of my sin is sin, I say, „Jesus didn’t die for that. I don’t need a Savior.” I can’t say that about my sin, or their sin.

By the way, I get asked all the time these days- I just taught a class on this, last week, on Homosexuality and the Gospel. People said, „What about gay people in the church. There aren’t any gay people in the church. There aren’t any adulterers in the church. If 1 Corinthians says, „… such were some of you…” it doesn’t mean that people aren’t struggling with things. But, if you are in union with Christ, you’re not defined by a sin. That’s prior to your conversion. Once you are regenerated, you are gonna struggle.. Paul makes that so candidly clear in Romans chapter 7. But, you are no longer defined by that. Because, if you’re united with Christ, Christ is not that.


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