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…impreuna cu Adi Kovaci – Florin Tafta si Ciprian Mihut.

VIDEO by Adi Gliga

Ma vei pazi (NOU 9 Iulie 2013)

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Un interview realizat de Petru Amarei cu Adi Gliga si Catalin Ciuculescu in iunie 2013:

Simplu si Smerit from RTN Chicago on Vimeo.

Drama: Portile raiului si flacarile iadului – Tinerii Bisericii Emanuel Timisoara


VIDEO by Emanuel Tm

Muslim Brotherhood Continue to Kill Christians and Children in Egypt

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via the ChristianPost

On July 7th, masked men shot dead a Coptic priest and other attacks on the minority group were reported in Egypt after the military ousted President Mohamed Morsi, who is from the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood that now appears to be seeking revenge from Christians for allegedly supporting the „coup.”

The priest, identified as Mina Aboud Sharween, was shot dead in the coastal city of El Arish in North Sinai Governate on Saturday. Gunmen, believed to be from the Brotherhood, came on a motorcycle and killed the 39-year-old priest, according to the local news site Egypt Independent.

On Friday, a Coptic Christian, identified as Magdy Iskandar Farid, was injured and houses and shops belonging to Christians were burned near the al-Dabe’iy area in southern Luxor Governorate. The attack followed rumors that Copts had killed a Muslim man, according to AINA news agency, which also reported that hundreds of Coptic Christians have fled the area. 

The Tagammu Party in Egypt has strongly condemned renewed attacks on Christians in several cities and provinces of the country following President Morsi’s ousting. The party has highlighted that the Muslim Brotherhood has made attempts, in vain, to seize power by carrying out violence against peaceful demonstrators, as well as brutally killing and intimidating Christians. „The Brotherhood is madly trying in vain to seize rule of the country though people do not want the rule of its guidance office,” the party said in a statement on Monday.

„In the face of angry demonstrations against them, and instead of listening to the voice of reason, the Brotherhood used automatic rifles and swords against unarmed demonstrators and killed children and threw them from the top of buildings. Egypt has never seen this brutality and it has nothing to do with religion, nationality or morality.”

„The brutal crimes have extended to kill Christians, our partners in the homeland, for no reason but to scare them. There was the criminal murder of a priest while he was standing in front of a church in Arish, a Christian engineer was kidnapped in Arish while he was leaving his house, five Christians were killed in Luxor and the homes of Copts were burned. In Delga village, Minya, Copts were terrorized and a Catholic church was torched over incitement of a Brotherhood pharmacist. Intimidation of Copts is occurring in several places,” the statement added.

„If the army did not take action, how many children would die? How many Christians would fall? How many churches would be demolished? How many children would be massacred?” the party questioned. „The Brotherhood criminals are fighting their last battle and the people’s hate of them is increasing.


The Hail Satan videos in the Texas abortion battle

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Gov. Rick Perry has called for a second special session to pass an abortion law that would prohibit the procedure past the 20th week of pregnancy. Abortion activists opposing the 20-week abortion ban bill in Austin, Texas, drew national attention earlier this week for chanting “Hail Satan” while pro-life advocates sang “Amazing Grace.” (Source Read more:

VIDEO by weirdnews8

This 2nd video shows the testimony of a woman who had an abortion and went through a very tough time dealing with it in the aftermath. It took place at the Capitol Building in Austin. At about the 5:15 minute you will hear the chanting of ‘Hail Satan’. Click here for the 6 minute video –

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