GREAT NEWS: Vladimir Pustan a lansat CANAL de PREDICI la Youtube

Poza (Youtube) pagina canalului Fundatia Ciresarii. Inscrieti-va la canal!

Canalul Ciresarii

Cu bucurie anuntam ca Fundatia Ciresarii a inceput sa posteze predicile Pastorului Pustan pe youtube la contul Fundatia Ciresarii.

Desi Canalul ‘Fundatia Ciresarii’ e in existenta de mai multi ani, doar in ultimile saptamani au inceput sa posteze predici recente. Daca nu aveti un canal (gratis) pe youtube, nu cred ca este un motiv mai bun decat acesta ca sa va inscrieti. E foarte simplu si daca doriti puteti sa alegeti si optiunea de a primi un email de cate ori Fundatia Ciresarii va incarca o noua predica sau program nou. Programele Bisericii Sfanta Treime Beius care este pastorita de Pastorul Vladimir Pustan are cele mai multe vizionari a unui program de biserica live din Romania si este urmarit din toata lumea. Multumim Pastorului Vladimir Pustan si Fundatiei Ciresarii pentru acest pas facut care ne produce o mare bucurie tuturor celor care-i ascultam predicile prin internet. Dumnezeu sa isi continue lucrarea care o face prin Pastorul Pustan. Si ca un kickoff (expresie americana- prima lovitura de minge a meciului, dar expresia se foloseste cand se incepe un proiect nou sau se deschide o noua firma…) pentru kickoff, Fundatia Ciresarii de ja a incarcat peste 70 de fisiere video (majoritatea predici). Asa ca, pentru toti cei insetati (printre care primii suntem chiar noi) avem cam multe ore de petrecut ascultand indemnurile fratelui Pustan. Nu ne mai putem plange ca nu gasim predici noi 🙂 Toata gloria sa fie doar a lui Dumnezeu!!!

Vladimir Pustan – Cum ar trebui sa fie un sot / o sotie crestin(a) Conferinta Casa Mea, Loc al Slujirii la Biserica Elim Bruxelles din 2006

Pustan Elim Bruxelles

Coloseni 3:16-21

16 Cuvîntul lui Hristos să locuiască din belşug în voi în toată înţelepciunea. Învăţaţi-vă şi sfătuiţi-vă unii pe alţii cu psalmi, cu cîntări de laudă şi cu cîntări duhovniceşti, cîntînd lui Dumnezeu cu mulţămire în inima voastră. 17 Şi orice faceţi, cu cuvîntul sau cu fapta, să faceţi totul în Numele Domnului Isus, şi mulţămiţi, prin El, lui Dumnezeu Tatăl.

18 Nevestelor, fiţi supuse bărbaţilor voştri, cum se cuvine în Domnul. 19 Bărbaţilor, iubiţi-vă nevestele, şi nu ţineţi necaz pe ele. 20 Copii, ascultaţi de părinţii voştri în toate lucrurile, căci lucrul acesta place Domnului. 21 Părinţilor, nu întărîtaţi pe copiii voştri, ca să nu-şi piardă nădejdea.

Vladimir Pustan (din video):

Intr-o familie a venit baiatul acasa si a zis: „Tata, ea e prietena mea si noi doi vrem sa ne casatorim. Dupa ce s-a sculat mama din lesin a zis: Dar, voi sunteti tineri. Nu-i prea de vreme?” „Nu e treaba voastra,” zice baiatul. „Unde o sa locuiti? Ce o sa faceti? Ce o sa mancati? Asta-i treaba voastra.” Spuneam ca poti sa fii casatorit si sa nu fii responsabil. Poti sa fii un sot, sau poti sa fii o sotie cu numele fara sa te achiti de obligatiile care devin de acolo. As vrea sa ne gandim: Cat ne-am achitat si cat am reusit sa fim responsabili cu rolul pe care l-am avut in viata.

VIDEO by mihail mihai

Predici recente

PAGINA Vladimir Pustan Predici

Traits of youth who do not leave the church

This is a very helpful article on church which gives 3 traits of those young folks who do not walk away from the church. It is written by Jon Nielson, who is the senior high pastor at College Church in Wheaton, Illinois. Read the article in its entirety here – (Photo credit

*Trait # 1 – They are converted

The Apostle Paul, interestingly enough, doesn’t use phrases like “nominal Christian” or “pretty good kid.” The Bible doesn’t seem to mess around with platitudes like: “Yeah, it’s a shame he did that, but he’s got a good heart.” When we listen to the witness of Scripture, particularly on the topic of conversion, we find that there is very little wiggle room. Listen to these words: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” (2 Cor. 5:17) We youth pastors need to get back to understanding salvation as what it really is: a miracle that comes from the glorious power of God through the working of the Holy Spirit.

We need to stop talking about “good kids.” We need to stop being pleased with attendance at youth group and fun retreats. We need to start getting on our knees and praying that the Holy Spirit will do miraculous saving work in the hearts of our students as the Word of God speaks to them. In short, we need to get back to a focus on conversion. How many of us are preaching to “unconverted evangelicals”?

*Trait # 2 – They have been equipped, not entertained.

Christ gives us—teachers—to the church, not for entertainment, encouragement, examples, or even friendship primarily. He gives us to the church to “equip” the saints to do gospel ministry in order that the church of Christ may be built up.

If I have not equipped the students in my ministry to share the gospel, disciple a younger believer, and lead a Bible study, then I have not fulfilled my calling to them, no matter how good my sermons have been. We pray for conversion; that is all we can do, for it is entirely a gracious gift of God. But after conversion, it is our Christ-given duty to help fan into flame a faith that serves, leads, teaches, and grows. If our students leave high school without Bible-reading habits, Bible-study skills, and strong examples of discipleship and prayer, we have lost them. We have entertained, not equipped them…and it may indeed be time to panic!

Trait # 3 – Their parents preached the gospel to them.

As a youth pastor, I can’t do all this. All this equipping that I’m talking about is utterly beyond my limited capabilities. It is impossible for me to bring conversion, of course, but it is also impossible for me to have an equipping ministry that sends out vibrant churchmen and churchwomen if my ministry is not being reinforced tenfold in the students’ homes. The common thread that binds together almost every ministry-minded 20-something that I know is abundantly clear: a home where the gospel was not peripheral but absolutely central. The 20-somethings who are serving, leading, and driving the ministries at our church were kids whose parents made them go to church. They are kids whose parents punished them and held them accountable when they were rebellious. They are kids whose parents read the Bible around the dinner table every night. And they are kids whose parents were tough but who ultimately operated from a framework of grace that held up the cross of Jesus as the basis for peace with God and forgiveness toward one another.

This is not a formula! Kids from wonderful gospel-centered homes leave the church; people from messed-up family backgrounds find eternal life in Jesus and have beautiful marriages and families. But it’s also not a crapshoot. In general, children who are led in their faith during their growing-up years by parents who love Jesus vibrantly, serve their church actively, and saturate their home with the gospel completely, grow up to love Jesus and the church. The words of Proverbs 22:6 do not constitute a formula that is true 100 percent of the time, but they do provide us with a principle that comes from the gracious plan of God, the God who delights to see his gracious Word passed from generation to generation: “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Youth pastors, pray with all your might for true conversion; that is God’s work. Equip the saints for the work of the ministry; that is your work. Parents, preach the gospel and live the gospel for your children; our work depends on you.

Can We Know Things to Be True Through Faith?


VIDEO by drcraigvideos:
Dr William Lane Craig answers a question about the relationship of knowledge to faith? Is faith a way to truth? On March 21, 2013, Dr Craig spoke at Texas A&M in College Station, Texas on the topic of faith, science and philosophy. This event was put on by the Veritas Forum which hosts university events that engage students and faculty in discussions about life’s hardest questions and the relevance of Jesus Christ to all of life. The style of this talk was more like a conversation than a lecture as Dr Craig shares much of his own personal story about how he came to faith in Jesus Christ. For more resources visit Dr. Criag’s website:

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