Stiri Crestine 21 Iunie 2013 – Islamul nu este o religie a pacii

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  • Filmul „Not Today” prezinta povestea trista a dalitilor din India
  • Fost om al străzii, acum erou: un pastor scrie istorie in India
  • Anjem Choudary: Islamul nu este o religie a pacii
  • Organizatiile cauta metode prin care sa ajute victimele traficului de carne vie
  • Cvartetul Glory Gates din Statele Unite s-a intors in Romania pentru un turneu in marile orase

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Livius Percy (Presedinte Societatea Misionara Romana) – Despre cunoasterea Adevarului in postmodernism (1/2)

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De ce apologetica si atractia apararii credintei crestine?

Apologetica inseamna apararea credintei. Daca ne uitam la o perspectiva istorica, vedem doua perioade  in care apologetica este proeminenta. Este proeminenta in pearioada primelor secole de crestinism , cand era o confruntare de idei, pentru ca aveai creastinismul ca si o idee noua, ca si o gandire  noua. Pe de alta parte era politeismul, in varianta greaca/romana si trebuia sa explici si sa justifici credinta pe care o ai. Dupa aceea, multa vreme, cand crestinismul a dominat civilizatia Europeana, parca nu a mai fost nevoie de apologetica si sunt oameni mari ai lui Dumnezeu, care s-au ridicat si au vorbit pe tema de apologetica, dar nu a mai fost un interes foarte mare. Nu era nevoie. Si vedem iarasi un eveniment  al apologeticii in perioada noastra si chiar in ultima vreme, parca e o adevarat potop si de literatura in domeniul apologeticii si de oameni care sunt interesati si si atacuri asupra crestinilor. Nevoia de aparare devine tot mai evidenta.

Petru, intr-o lume care seamana foarte mult cu a noastra le spune in 1 Petru 3:15-16 „Fiti gata sa raspundeti oricarui va cere cu socoteala de nadejdea care este in voi, dar, cu blandete si teama, avand un cuget curat.” Fiti gata inseamna sa fii pregatit. Nu gandesti lucrurile doar atunci, pe moment, cand ai de dat un raspuns, desi sunt multe situatii… se poate ca Dumnezeu sa-ti lumineze mintea, sa dai un raspuns perfect, exact in momentul acela. Dar trebuie sa fii pregatit. Trebuie dinainte sa cunosti Scripturile, sa cunosti raspunsurile, sa cunosti intrebarile, sa cunosti lumea in care esti si sa fii pregatit.

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What Role does the Holy Spirit play in Apologetics?

street evangelismVIDEO by drcraigvideos For more resources visit:

Dr William Lane Craig answers a question in this clip about the role of the Holy Spirit in his ministry and apologetics. He says there is a difference between knowing Christianity to be true and showing Christianity to be true. On March 21, 2013, Dr Craig spoke at Texas A&M in College Station, Texas on the topic of faith, science and philosophy. This event was put on by the Veritas Forum which hosts university events that engage students and faculty in discussions about life’s hardest questions and the relevance of Jesus Christ to all of life. The style of this talk was more like a conversation than a lecture as Dr Craig shares much of his own personal story about how he came to faith in Jesus Christ.

Dr. William Lane Craig, FROM VIDEO: I have found it very helpful to differentiate between what I call ‘knowing Christianity to be true’, and showing Christianity to be true. I think that the fundamental way in which we know that Christianity is true, is through the inner witness of the Holy Spirit. I do not think that arguments and evidence are necessary, in order for faith to be rational, or for you to know that God exists or has revealed Himself in Christ. 

So, I would say, that the fundamental way we know that Christianity is true is through the witness of the Holy Spirit, and reason and argument, then, can confirm the Spirit’s witness. The person who has good apologetics arguments, has in a sense a double warrant for his faith. He has the warrant provided by the Holy Spirit. And then, he has a double warrant, provided by argument and evidence. But, should he lack the argumented evidence, he can still be warranted, just on the basis of the Holy Spirit. That’s knowing Christianity to be true.

When it comes to showing Christianity to be true, we’re dealing with somebody else, and therefore, we’ll need to give them arguments and evidence to show them that what I know to be true, is true. And then, the role of the Holy Spirit will be to use those arguments and evidence, as I lovingly present them, to draw that person to Himself.  

So, in knowing Christianity to be true, the Holy Spirit is primary and argument and evidence is secondary. But, in showing Christianity to be true, argument and evidence is primary, and here the Holy Spirit is secondary, in using those as means by which He draws a person to Himself. Faith is trusting in what you have reason to believe is true. That reason doesn’t just mean arguments and evidence, that reason could be the deliverance of the Holy Spirit.

China’s underground church is thriving

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In a trendy coffee shop in this city’s glittering financial district, five people cram into a tiny, dimly lit back room with two tables. By day, these five are white-collar workers, eagerly climbing the corporate ladder as China’s economy booms. By night, once a week, they’re huddled over their Bibles.

„I was disappointed and struggling,” said Elvis Ma, a 29-year-old working in the financial industry. „Before I knew God, I felt trapped.”

Ma and the others opt to worship in what’s widely known as the „underground church,” a place for Chinese Christians to practice in smaller settings and without fear of government influence on what’s being preached.

It comes with a different fear, though: Being an unregistered Christian is illegal.

The underground church, also known as the family church or the home church, has been around for generations. It began as a way for Christians to worship, as practicing Christianity was frowned on in China for most of its communist history under Mao Zedong.

Believers gathered in small groups in homes, hotels and other discreet areas to practice in secrecy, for fear of government retaliation. This tradition of worshipping in humble places continues today.

„Our party is to believe in God. The government doesn’t encourage us to believe in God publicly,” Ma said. „But the government cannot stop it.”

Simply practicing isn’t illegal, but being unregistered is, according to experts. In the past year, more than 1,000 unregistered Protestant Christians were detained and sentenced, according to China Aid, a nonprofit human-rights organization based in the U.S. Some Protestant leaders were placed under house arrest for leading worship in unregistered churches.

A U.S. commission reported that the Chinese government’s efforts to suppress the growth of the underground church remain „systematic and intense.”

The official church is a part of the China Christian Council or the Three-Self Patriotic Movement, a concept that preaches self-government, self-support and self-propagation. Most services feature a mixture of Roman Catholic and Protestant components as well as nondenominational elements.

Dong Lee, a 29-year-old newlywed who has been practicing Christianity for about four years, said she’d tried attending several types of official church services but couldn’t agree with the traces of Catholicism in some. She now attends a small underground church, and she said she felt she was surrounded by a family who understood her, who’d support her.

On Sunday afternoons, Dong attends a Protestant church that’s in a different home in Shanghai each week. Hymns are sung and a 90-minute sermon follows that’s usually delivered by the host of that week’s service.

The underground church, though its services often don’t exceed 30 congregants, has a robust presence. Experts estimate that Shanghai is home to hundreds, if not thousands, of such churches. There might be as many as 67 million Protestants in China, many of whom attend the underground church. These estimations place China in the top 10 nations in the world in the number of Christians, and the number keeps growing.

Albert Wu said he attended an underground church because it provided opportunities for small-group discussion.

„The Bible changed the way we look at the world. This fellowship gives you support in everyday life,” Wu said. „I feel warm from the heart.”

Complaints about the official church vary: It’s large, it’s unfocused because it’s virtually nondenominational and it’s connected to the government.

Jing Jianmei, a 34-year-old pastor at a large official church in Shanghai called Hongde Tang, said she understood these complaints but didn’t think they were well-founded.

„The family church has history. Some worry that they risk the relationship with the government that the official church has,” Jing said. „But I think it’s about tradition. If people became Christian at Three-Self, they will attend Three-Self.”

Wearing a red puffy vest, sneakers and a large metal cross on a necklace, Jing emerged on a Thursday from her small apartment inside the church discussing upcoming Bible studies with two colleagues. She said that her church, which sees more than 2,000 people on Sundays, did have opportunities for small-group interaction.

While many underground churchgoers think the official church practices a watered-down version of Christianity, Jing said she has a strong connection with God.

Jing now leads a large church and hopes that through preaching, others might know the same God she does. She hopes and prays that people give the Three-Self church a chance.

„The most important thing about the church is Jesus is our Christ, not emphasizing the Three-Self principles,” she said.

A recent film inside a Mormon temple detailing rituals and doctrines

VIDEO by Newnamenoah – the 8 minute video clip. See full film (1 hour 16 min) at the bottom of this post.

Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA....

Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Taken by myself with a Canon 10D and 17-40mm f/4 L lens. This is a 3 segment panorama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An intriguing look at Mormon beliefs that shows that the Church of Latter Day Saints has a whole ‘nother gospel, and it is certainly not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is pretty uncomfortable to watch how Mormonism borrows from Christianity and Judaism, yet denies the most central tenets of both religions. In Mormonism, the god Elohim is not all knowing (makes for a pretty weak god) and Michael is believed to be equal to Jesus. Some weird rituals are alarming, like where man calls on God „Oh God, hear the words of my mouth” and then Satan shows up and says, „I am the God of this world”. Five minutes later, everyone in the room is wearing the same sort of „apron” and chanting „Oh God, hear the words of my mouth.

It seems like this film is used as a training tool to those that are chosen to participate in these secret rituals. By the way, yes, plenty of masonic symbols are part of the rituals here too.

Purpose for posting this? We need to have a rudimentary understanding of other ‘faiths’ and have a basic understanding of what a Mormon believes in order to have conversations about the Christian Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

VIDEO by Newnamenoah Secretly filmed in 2012 by an ex Mormon. Filming contains the movie that is shown to Mormons to teach them about Mormonism. The first 20 minutes cover the Mormon version of creation and the fall of Adam and Eve, in which the actor playing Satan introduces/talks about interaction with God in other worlds (planets)-a Mormon belief. At the 24th minute, the movie stops and the action begins inside the Mormon temple with the secret participants, who were not allowed to share any of the information with anyone else, including their families. There are secret handshakes and passwords for different rituals. Video length 1 hour 16 minutes.

Full film (1 hour 16 min)

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