The story of Katie Davis: The high school senior who went to Uganda to teach kindergarten for 10 months and stayed to be mom to 13 orphans and to serve the people of Uganda

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A story of a young woman who radically changed her life’s path during a ministry trip to Uganda, and instead of going to college she answered God’s call to serve the needs of the people of Uganda. When she left the US, Katie was homecoming queen, at the top of her class, president of her class, and she could have gotten into any college she desired. Yet, she said, „No. I am going to go to Uganda. There are people hurting there and I’ve got to take care of them.”

Katie Davis left over Christmas break her senior year for a short mission trip to Uganda and her life was turned completely inside out.

Katie with her 14 children (at the age of 21) Photo credit

Some quotes from Katie:

  • Jesus does not ask us to care for those less fortunate than us, He demands it.
  • When calling ourselves Christ followers, caring for the orphan, the widow and the desolate is not an option, it’s a requirement.

(1) Katie Davis interview with David Platt


Kisses from Katie:

A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption

(2) 700 Club Interview

VIDEO by The700ClubEurope

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