Sexual Sin: Every Sinful Heart is Prone to Struggle by David Platt

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In a recent sermon on sexual sin, Pastor David Platt touched on the belief that all humans – not only homosexuals – are prone to struggle with different types of sexual sin.

„This is something that every sinful heart is prone to struggle with in some way or another,” Platt said in the sermon.

„If [Christians] roll our eyes and shake our heads when we see the Supreme Court ruling on this case, yet we turn the channels on our TVs to watch the trivialization of sex on shows and advertisements, to surf the Internet to find images in order to satisfy our lusts, to go to movies that glamorize sex … and entertain sexual thoughts and desires outside of our own marriage, then we have missed the entire point.”

Platt also reiterated his belief that biblical marriage consists of a union between one man and one woman.

„All throughout the Bible from cover to cover, sex is only celebrated … in the context of exclusive covenant relationship between a husband and wife,” Platt shared. “Period. There are no exceptions to that.”

In the midst of highlighting highlighting hyper-sexualized American culture, the pastor went on to express the thought that humans tend to set their minds on the flesh as opposed to God.

„According to [secular culture], we’re not human if we can’t please our bodies however we desire, so any attempts to limit sexual expression are seen as oppressive and inhumane,” Platt said. „We set our minds on the things of the flesh, which is hostile to God, and we exchange God’s Word for our experience.”

In a call for sexual purity, Platt asked Christians to be honest about their sexual sins and to pursue Godly accountability partners.

„So much of the power of sin is found in its secrecy,” Platt said. „Guard yourself with godly friendships and Gospel accountability.”

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