Traian Dorz – O om, ce mari raspunderi ai!

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O, om!… ce mari răspunderi ai

de tot ce faci pe lume!
De tot ce pui în scris sau grai,
de pilda ce la alţi-o dai,
căci ea mereu spre iad sau rai
pe mulţi o să-i îndrume!

Ce grijă trebuie să pui
în viaţa ta în toată,
căci gândul care-l scrii sau spui
s-a dus… şi-n veci nu-l mai adui,
dar vei culege roada lui
ori viu, ori mort odată.

Ai spus o vorbă: vorba ta,
mergând din gură-n gură,
va veseli sau va-ntrista,
va curăţi sau va-ntina,
rodind sămânţa pusă-n ea
de dragoste sau ură.

Scrii un cuvânt: cuvântul scris
e-un leac sau e-o otravă!
Tu vei muri, dar tot ce-ai zis
rămâne-n urmă-un drum deschis
înspre Infern sau Paradis,
spre-ocară sau spre slavă.

Spui o cântare: versul tău
rămâne după tine
îndemn spre bine sau spre rău,
spre curăţie sau desfrâu,
lăsând în inimi rodul său
de har sau de ruşine!

Arăţi o cale: calea ta
în urma ta nu piere.
E calea bună sau e rea,
va prăbuşi sau va nălţa,
vor merge suflete pe ea
spre rai sau spre durere.

Trăieşti o viaţă: viaţa ta
e una, numai una;
oricum ar fi, tu nu uita,
cum ţi-o trăieşti, vei câştiga
ori fericirea-n veci prin ea,
ori chin pe totdeauna!

O, om! – ce mari răspunderi ai,
tu vei pleca din lume!
Dar ce scrii azi, ce spui în grai,
ce laşi prin pilda care-o dai,
pe mulţi, pe mulţi, mereu spre rai
sau iad o să-i îndrume.

O, nu uita!… fii credincios,
cu grijă şi cu teamă!
– să laşi în urmă luminos
un grai, un gând, un drum frumos! –
Căci pentru toate, ne-ndoios,
odată vei da seamă!…

de Traian Dorz
din Cântări Îndepărtate, Vol II al seriei Cântări Nemuritoare, Ed. Oastea Domnului, Sibiu, 2004, pag. 112…


Florin Ianovici – Mesaj la Nunta – Nunata Emanuel si Luiza Dulca 3 August 2013

Florin Ianovici nunta


Vezi de la Biserica Efrata – Florin Ianovici – Cum va arata viitorul tau? Intalnire tineret Efrata Faget 27 iulie 2013

VEZI PAGINA Florin Ianovici PREDICI aici

VIDEO by bisericaefrata

Genesis vs. Revelation – Chuck Missler

Interesting contrast from Chuck Missler’s commentary on the book of Genesis. VIDEO by Koinonia House

Genesis                                     Revelation

  • Earth Created                           Earth passed away
  • Sun to govern day                  No need for sun
  • Darkness He called night-    No night there
  • Waters He called seas            No more sea
  • A river for earth’s blessing    A river for New Earth
  • Earth’s government mentioned – Earth’s judgment
  • Man made in God’s image    Man headed by Satan’s image
  • Entrance of sin                          End of sin
  • Curse pronounced                  No more curse
  • Death entered                          No more death
  • Man driven out of Eden        Man restored
  • Tree of life guarded                 Right to the tree of life
  • Sorrow & suffering enter       No more sorrow
  • Nimrod founds Babylon        Babylon falls
  • God’s flood to destroy evil generation – Satan’s flood to destroy the elect generation
  • A bow: God’s promise(9:13)  A bow for remembrance (4:3;10:1)
  • A confederation vs/ Abraham’s people – A confederation vs. Abraham’s seed
  • A bride for Abraham’s son    A bride for Abraham’s seed
  • Marriage of the first Adam   Marriage of the last Adam
  • Man’s dominion ceased & Satan’s begun – Satan’s domain ended and man’s restored

One integrated design from Genesis to Revelation. The New Testament is in the Old Testament concealed, the Old Testament is in the New Testament revealed.

In Awe of God’s Creation – Gran Paradiso in the Alps, after the snow – Coplesit de Creatia lui Dumnezeu

Photo credit

Gran Paradiso is the largest natural park of the Alps. Situated in northern Italy, it once was the private hunting ground of the king. In the winter of 2008-2009, due to exceptional snowfall, devastating avalanches occured.

Photo credit

Gran Paradiso, after the snow from Greenwave on Vimeo.

Some excellent papers (free) and books on kids and attachment issues – for moms, dads or adoptive parent to read

A great friend of ours, Gabe, passed along this link to a page which lists number of books that can be purchased, as well as a number of papers/articles on the correlation between a child’s behavior and neglect, abuse and trauma, written by Dave Ziegler, Director, and Organization Founder of Jasper Mountain Center of Jasper, Oregon, a non-profit organization dedicated to meet the needs of traumatized and emotionally disturbed children and their families, through a variety of programs. (Read more about the organization in their ‘About us‘ section.

Understanding and Helping
Children Who Have Been Traumatized By Dave Ziegler 

Here’s an excerpt from this article (

The human brain is the most complex organism in the known universe. It is comprised of 1,000 billion individual brain cells (neurons) that develop 1,000 trillion connections with each other. An infant at birth has a brain that is only 25% developed, which enables the child to adapt to a wide range of environments. The brain of a child who is cared for by a loving family will adapt very differently than a child who has a drug addicted mother in a home where domestic violence is common. We have learned from new research that positive and negative experiences not only are stored in the memory areas of the brain, but experiences also sculpt the developing brain and determine how it will process all new information. This process goes on at every age even before birth, and just because a child does not have conscious memory of an event (explicit memory), does not mean the brain does not remember (implicit memory). “So what?” Well, this helps us see that the earliest experiences of a child will not only be carved in the brain’s memory but the brain itself will develop differently because of the environment. The brain develops in predictable ways to experiences. (Photo above via

Dr. Ziegler on what happens to the brain of a child who is raised in a loving environment:

The brain adapts throughout life, but the strongest adaptation is within the first two years of life.  

The loving supportive environment produces larger more well developed brain structures that will help the child be smarter, be more inquisitive, and feel safer allowing the brain to put less energy into self protection.

Dr. Ziegler on what happens to the brain of a child who encounters trauma or abuse in early childhood (He defines trauma as: accidents, painful medical procedures, or life changing emotional events; but by far the most common traumatic experience is some form of abuse such as physical or sexual abuse or serious neglect.):

If the child comes into a world with trauma of any kind, the higher regions of the brain grow smaller affecting the child’s ability to learn and fully understand the world other than how to survive by being ever vigilant of possible harm. 

And Dr. Ziegler asserts that there is hope, even with abused or neglected children:

The brain is made up of networks of neurons (brain cells) that communicate with each other. If mommy is a caring, loving, nurturing experience for the infant, a strong neuro-network develops that says ‘mommy is good.’ If mommy is self-absorbed, unresponsive to the child’s needs when they cry and physically abusive to the child, an even stronger neuro-network develops that says ‘mommy is to be avoided’ to support survival. So what? To an abused child, mommy can be any adult in the role of care provider, which may include foster parent, adoptive parent, teacher, grandparent, etc. The reason attachment is a common problem with many abused children and children in a foster or adoptive home should be clear. The goal must be to develop new neuro- networks that have to do with safety, predictability, caring, and the child’s physical and emotional needs getting met. Remember the brain literally changes with every experience. It will continue to adapt in your positive, nurturing home regardless of how serious past abuse has been. Yes, Virginia, there is hope! 

Some other articles of interest:

See all of the resources available here –

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