Interviu cu Doru Cîrdei pastorul Bisericii Filadelfia Chisinau despre strategia misionara in Moldova

Doru Cirdei cu Cristian IonescuPhotos via video by CredoTV

Doru CîrdeiDoru Cirdei este pastorul bisericii Filadelfia din Chisinau, unde slujeste de 19 ani. Moldova este tara cea mai saraca pe continentul European, dar conduce la bautura, prostitutie, coruptie, crima organizata si trafic de droguri.  „Dar vestea buna,” spune Pastorul Cîrdei, „este ca pe fondul acestei tensiuni, pe fondul acestei presiuni, pe fondul acestei lipsa de identitate a cetateanului Republicii Moldova Evanghelia este o solutie. Evanghelia este primita ca si o alternativa demna de incredere.

In dialog cu pastorul Cristian Ionescu despre stategia misionara a bisericii Filadelfia si alte aspecte ale acivitatii misionare in general. VIDEO by Elim Church

Stiri de la Biserica Filadelphia Chisinau, Moldova

VIDEO by ch4mda

In Awe of God’s Creation – How the earth breathes (photo) – „Pulsul pamantului” – cum respira pamantul nostru – Coplesit de Creatia lui Dumnezeu

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John Nelson is a designer, well known for tracing complex weather patterns or cultural information on maps, so considering what he usually does, this was easy. NASA’s Visible Earth team publishes pictures of our planet every month of the year, so John thought, why not stitch them together, and see what the seasons look like from outer space?

So he stitched, and then looked.  „I was surprised,” he writes on his UX.Blog. Talking later to Fast Company‘s Mark Wilson, he remembers:

After working a few hours on getting the cartographic mumbo jumbo out of the way (projection, coloration, atmospheric haze, and stuff), I first got to see the frames flicker in front of me, and I just stared at it as it looped over and over again. Something that I was familiar with as a static thing was now pulsing and alive and I didn’t expect to feel so locked into it. And it’s hard for me to even describe how I felt about it without sounding ridiculous or sentimental. It’s just an animated GIF.

I of course had some expectation of what I would see as a result of animating these frames. But I didn’t expect to be so mesmerized by them. I can’t look away.”

These images are gripping. What they show are the comings and goings of ice and snow. It’s mostly a white pulse, more white, then less, then more again. I look at that dance of white and think, how gentle it seems.

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John Nelson este un designer specializat în transpunerea tiparelor climatice şi a informaţiilor culturale în diferite hărţi. Într-o zi, Nelson a realizat că Visible Earth, unul din proiectele NASA, publică în fiecare lună imagini ce înfăţişează planeta noastră. Privindu-le, John s-a gândit să unească toate imaginile realizate de-a lungul unui an pentru a vedea cum arată anotimpurile văzute din spaţiu.

După ce a finalizat proiectul, John a privit rezultatele muncii sale şi a fost surprins de ceea ce a văzut: „M-a surprins reacţia mea. După ce am lucrat câteva ore pentru a elimina elementele cartografice ce erau în plus, am avut şansa să văd imaginile cum se mişcă imaginile în faţa mea. Pur şi simplu am stat şi le-am privit în continuu. Un obiect cu care eram familiarizat ca fiind ceva static era acum viu, vedeam cum pulsează, şi nu mă aşteptam să mă simt atât de prins. Îmi este dificil să explic cum să simţeam fără să sun ridicol sau sentimental”, a relatat Nelson.

„Desigur, aveam câteva aşteptări referitor la urma să văd ca rezultat al animării acestor cadre surprinse din spaţiu. Dar nu mă aşteptam să fiu aşa de fascinat de ele. Nu mă puteam opri din privit”, a mai explicat Nelson.

Imaginile sunt, într-adevăr, spectaculoase. Ele surprind venirea zăpezii şi topirea gheţii odată cu trecerea iernii, surprinzând un „puls alb” al planetei.

The Reliability of The New Testament – Daniel Wallace PhD

Daniel B. Wallace, professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary and Recently his scholarship has begun to focus on John, Mark, and nascent Christology. He works extensively in textual criticism, and has founded The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (, an institute with an initial purpose of preserving Scripture by taking digital photographs of all known Greek New Testament manuscripts. He has traveled the world in search of biblical manuscripts. His postdoctoral work includes work on Greek grammar at Tyndale House in Cambridge, textual criticism studies at the Institut für neutestamentliche Textforschung in Münster, and the Universität Tübingen, Germany. Photo credit –

 The Realiability of the New Testament

Wallace: Excerpt: If my New Testament doesn’t really tell the truth about who God is, or who Jesus is, or whether He was really raised from the dead, or if I can’t be sure that’s what the original text said, then I’ve got a few problems to deal with. What I want to give you today is a reason for confidence in the Scriptures. I will begin by quoting from some scholars who have disagreed with this confidence:

  1. We begin with well known scholar Dan Brown, who wrote in his book ‘The DaVinci Code”: The Bible has evolved through countless translations, additions, and revisions. History has never had a definitive version of the book.” You’ve all heard something like that, you may even have said something like that: The Bible’s been translated so many times, and retranslated, how can we tell what it originally said? We’re going to deal with this issue front on and you’re going to realize that’s a really stupid statement to make.
  2. But, there are others who have written something similar. Atheists are now joining the chorus: „We do not have any of the original manuscripts of the Bible. The originals are lost. We don’t know when and we don’t know by whom. What we have are copies of copies. In some instances, the copies we have are twentieth generation copies.” C. J. Werleman, Jesus lied P. 41. By the way, there’s a new kind of atheism out that no longer says that Christianity is wrong, that’s presupposed, but, what it’s now saying is that Christianity is evil. And that’s what we have to deal with: Atheism is good and Christianity is evil. C. J. Werleman also wrote a book titled „God hates you, hate him back„. It’s kind of a strange title for an atheist, don’t you think( for someone who doesn’t believe in God)? Now, he says: We don’t have any of the original manuscripts; he’s right. He says: The originals are lost and we don’t know when and by whom. He’s right. What we have are copies of copies. That’s true. However, I have no idea where he got the idea that some copies are 20th generation copies. I think he made it up.
  3. Muslims are saying the same thing, and Muslims are a huge group for us to have to deal with. They have their apologists who are making claims about the Koran. And, a very well known british muslim, M. M. Al-Azumi has written a book called „The history of the Koranic texts from revelation to compilation- a comparative study with the Old and New Testaments„. The book is very, very popular in Britain. He says, „The Orthodox church, being the sect which eventually established supremacy over all the others, stood in fervent opposition to various opposition (a.k.a „heresies”) which were in circulation… In each case this sect, the one that would rise to be the Orthodox church, deliberately corrupted the Scriptures so as to reflect its own theological visions of Christ, while demolishing that of all rival sects.” What’s he talking about? He is saying that the Bible that you have today is a corruption of the original. What he says elsewhere is that the deity of Christ is definitely not taught in the original New Testament, and (that) this group known as the Orthodox church, which is nothing that even resembles orthodoxy, made up things about Jesus and they demolished all the other views.Well, where are Werdleman and Al-Azumi getting their ideas from? They’re not New Testament scholars. They don’t know Greek, as far as I know. Well, they’re getting it from a number of New Testament scholars, but, principally, from one fellow who has become the #1 theologian in the country as far as the media is concerned. If you ever watch any of these stories, it’s typically around Christmas and Easter is when you will see these TV shows that are typically dealing with „well, Jesus didn’t really rise from the dead…” Somebody claimed just a few years ago that we actually found the bones of Jesus.

Well, Bart Ehrman was an evangelical, he went to Moody Bible Institute, he’s a graduate of Wheaton College- two very fine evangelical schools. He went on to Princeton Seminary to study under the great Dr. Bruce Metzger, who was one of the finest New Testament scholars of the 20th century and an evangelical himself. Ehrman got his master;s and his doctorate under Metzger at Princeton Seminary. And then he began to drift. Later on, he got out of evangelicalism, but still called himself a Christian, years later he called himself an agnostic, which is where he is at today. But, he has also said, „If there is a God, it’s definitely not the God of the Bible.” He’s not the God that I could possibly ever worship. Because of his spiritual journey, or unspiritual journey, Ehrman has become kind of the spokesman for liberalism and is the #1 theologian, as I said, in the media, newspapers, radio, television, they all interview him because (they say): Oh, here’s a guy who came out of evangelicalism and now he’s against it.” This is where these other people have gotten their ideas from about the text. Bart Ehrman is a bonafide New Testament scholar whose specialty is the New Testament manuscripts. In his book „Misquoting Jesus” he said, „Not only do we not have the originals, we do not have the first copies of the originals. We don’t even have copies of the copies of the originals, or copies of the copies, of the copies of the originals.” I am sure he is right in the first and second generation. But, Ehrman has made this claim and his writings have impacted tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people, who are either marginally within the Christian faith, or were considering and they’ve abandoned it. That’s Bart Ehrman. (8:30)

Two attitudes to avoid

It reminds me of a couple of attitudes we need to avoid as we think about these issues of the text of Scripture.

  1. Radical skepticism or total despair. This attitude is the one I have just presented to you from these 3 writers:  That, basically, we can’t tell what the original text said, we might as well give up (cause) we don’t know.
  2. But, there’s another attitude that’s equally pernicious, and it’s found among Christians. King James only people have this attitude. Many of you come to church with your Bible in your hands, and you say, „This is exactly what the apostles wrote.” We don’t know for sure about some things, but we do have certainty about others. So there’s another attitude we need to avoid, which is absolute certainty. It makes us uncredible in the eyes of skeptics and sometimes when that absolute certainty gets dashed, people switch the pendulum way too far, over to radical skepticism. (9:00)

While there are 2 attitudes to avoid, there are 4 questions I want us to answer this morning:

  1. How many textual variants are there?
  2. What kinds of textual variants are there? Do they affect doctrine, are they spelling differences?
  3. What theological beliefs depend on textually suspect passages?
  4. Is what we have now what they wrote then?

The above notes are from the first 10 minutes of the video (there are 26 minutes remaining, in which Dr. Wallace answers the 4 questions)

VIDEO by Shulamitefire The Realiability of the New Testament

ABOUT THE VIDEO: Published on Jul 28, 2013

If you encounter someone who questions or doubts the accuracy and reliability of our Bible, the information Dr. Daniel Wallace provides in this presentation at Heights Baptist Church in 2013 will address those issues directly.

Dr. Daniel B. Wallace has been Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Seminary for over 25 years and is an internationally known Greek New Testament scholar. He has been a consultant for five Bible translations and founded the Center for the study of New Testament Manuscripts.

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