Florin Ianovici – Un răspuns blând potoleşte mânia…

VEZI PAGINA Florin Ianovici PREDICI aici

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Proverbele 15:1 „Un răspuns blând potoleşte mânia, dar o vorbă aspră aţâţă mânia.”

Vulcanul cel mai periculos de pe fata pamantului este mania omului.

Mania uneori mocneste, alteori izbucneste cu flacara, dar totdeauna arde cumplit.

In trecerea ei, mania parjoleste prietenia, respectul si preface in scrum viitorul.

Mania este copilul nascut din mandrie si ura. A copilarit in iad insa acum colinda pamantul.

Ferice de cei blanzi…! Ei au viitor, prieteni si respect. Pentru ca ei nu sunt lava nimicitoare ci adiere cereasca.

Izabaveste-ne Doamne de mania noastra ca sa fim feriti de mania Ta!

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Rodica Volintiru – Interviu la CredoTV Partea 2-a

Rodica VolintiruVezi prima parte aici – Marian si Rodica Volintiru – Misiunea vietii lor: O chemare la post si rugaciune – Un interviu la Credo TV august 2013

Si vezi pagina cu mai multe articole de si cu Rodica Volintiru aici – Rodica Volintiru – ESTE VREMEA POSTULUI SI A RUGACIUNILOR FIERBINTI

Interviu Partea 2-a 

VIDEO by Credo TV

Five Nigerian Christians Forced From Vehicle, Executed in Ditch

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Story from the Christian Post

Please. please pray for the persecuted worldwide church!

  • Please pray persecuted believers would know the hope God gives (Ephesians 1:8).
  • Pray the Holy Spirit would strengthen them (Ephesians 3:16).
  • Please pray persecuted believers would know how much God loves them (Ephesians 3:17)
  • Pray they would know how to share the gospel (Ephesians 6:19).
  • Please pray persecuted believers would fearlessly tell others about Jesus (Ephesians 6:20).

Five individuals have been executed by Islamists after declaring themselves followers of Jesus Christ outside of the Nigerian city of Jos last week.

The shocking incident saw Islamists stop a minibus and order its occupants to get out. After finding out five individuals were Christians, they were forced to lie down in a ditch, where they were then shot dead. Victims Pam Gyang, Felix John, Jimmy Tiger, Ishaku Gyang, and Dachung Monday, were all members of a Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) congregation in the nearby town of Foron, according to BosNewsLife.

Another man, Emmanuel Sunday, was caught up in the violence when gunmen also stopped him driving by on his motorbike and demanded to know if he was a Christian.

„When I told them I was a Christian, they asked me to join a group of people already ordered to lie down by the side of the road. I did as I was ordered to do, and then one of the men came and searched me and took money from me, including my mobile phone,” according to Morning Star News.

„It was when the gunmen started shooting and killing those of us that were Christians grouped together that I ran into a nearby maize farm, because it was already dark. They shot wildly at me, but I escaped unhurt, except the injuries I sustained while running in the bush,” he added.

Sunday fled, running for the next two hours back to his village, where he learned that two of the women killed were also from his hometown. Despite the horror he witnessed, Sunday testified that he felt God was the power behind his escape.

„It was not my ability that made it possible for me to escape, but it was God that made me escape to be alive to tell the story of how the attack happened and to show his miracle in my life,” he said.

Two other Christians, one a pregnant woman, were also wounded in the attack.

Grace Yop Gyang, the pregnant widow of victim Pam Gyang, told Morning Star News that despite her loss, she still was grateful to God and hoped that the Islamists would themselves find Christ.

„I don’t have much to say except to praise God for His sustaining grace in our lives,” Gyang said. „My husband is a friend, and I’m already missing him. But what can I do but thank God for his life. I pray that through his death those who killed him will get to know Jesus as their savior.”

Local religious official Pam Jang Pam believed that the gunmen „were a combined band of ethnic Fulani herdsmen and Islamic extremist mercenaries.”

Pam added the frequency of violence directed at Nigerian Christians has left them exahusted, begging the government to „please do something about these attacks on us. The church is tired of these attacks.”

In recent years, Nigeria has been a hotbed of violence with Muslim extremists attacking Christians on a regular basis. The violence has been led by a group known as Boko Haram, a jihadist terrorist group seeking to make Nigeria an Islamic state and impose Sharia law. Since its inception in 2001, the group has gained notoriety by killing Christians and bombing their churches and schools. Boko Haram have also been accused of colluding with the Fulani, who have had long-time contentious border disputes with Christians.

The price for living out the Gospel in Somalia – A Christian mother of 2 kidnapped by Islamic militants

You don’t have to be front and forward in order to pay the price of following Christ in Somalia. A young woman, wife and mother, who had become a follower of Jesus was kidnapped by Islamic militants, sexually abused and her entire family threatened with violence. According to neighbors, they did not know much about the family, just that they did not attend the mosque during Ramadan time. (Photo credit proclaimingtruthinlondon.org)

Mission News Network:

Somalia (VCM) ― Islamic militants suspected to be from Al Shabaab have kidnapped a Christian mother and threatened to attack her husband because of their faith.

According to reports from the Voice of the Martyrs Canada, three masked men abducted Shamsa Enow Hussein, 28, outside of her home in Bulo Marer, Lower Shebelle Region, on August 5th. Her husband, 31-year-old Mohamed Isse Osman, received a text from her that night urging him to evacuate. „Please leave immediately because of what we believe,” she said in the text. „They have abused me sexually, saying I am an infidel.”

Mohamed has also received anonymous threatening text messages from the kidnappers, including one that read, „Your wife has told us all about your Christian involvement, and soon we shall come for you, too.” Mohamed and his two daughters, aged 3 and 5, have moved to an undisclosed location. A religious leader in the region claims that Osman has had no contact with his wife since her text on August 5th.

Like most Somali Christians, Shamsa and her husband are secretive about their faith. According to one resident of Bulo Marer, locals are aware of Shamsa’s abduction but have no idea why it occurred. „What little we knew about (the) family was that they were not very committed to attending the mosque during Ramadan time,” he said. Somalis consider themselves Muslim by birth and regard Islam as a significant part of their cultural identity.

Officials estimate that Somalia is close to 100% Muslim. Apostasy, or the leaving of Islam, is punishable by death.

Pray that God will preserve Shamsa’s life, bringing her safely back to her family. May they sense His comforting presence throughout the turmoil. Also remember in your prayers other Somali believers who are fearing for their own safety and that of their loved ones. Ask that the Lord will not only provide His protection but also bless them with boldness as they speak the truth in love.

Marriage – the best biological analogy to marriage is the creation of a life

In an article for Discovery Publishing, Steve Zeisler wrote:

„In many respects the best biological analogy to marriage is the creation of a life. Man and woman each contribute a cell having 23 chromo-somes. The two cells are joined together, and a new human being who has never existed, a unique individual life, is created.

In marriage, when two unique individuals, known and loved by God, are given to each other, another sort of life begins. God creates a living thing that never existed before, a unique oneness. And God cares about the life that he calls into being. God made you and me and we matter to him. But if he makes marriages, they also matter to him, and we ought to regard them that way.”

SOURCE: Steve Zeisler, Discovery Publishing via http://www.sermoncentral.com/

In marriage, no two people are compatible

Here’s a truth that many of us ignore, even though experience has shown us this statement is absolutely true. I am reading through Tim Keller’s new book „The Meaning of Marriage” and I am finding so much wisdom and insight that I have not found in other books with the same subject matter.  Tim J. Keller, (born 1950) is an American author, speaker and the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City,  starts out by repeating what thousands of couples have said to him that he spoke to or counseled, and whether they were working on sustaining or saving their marriage, most couples complained that „love should not be this hard.” Those couples seemed to believe that „love should just come naturally if two people are compatible, if they are truly soul mates”. Here, Keller dives in and shares with us about compatibility and what the Bible has to say about it:

„The Bible explains why the quest for compatibility seems to be so impossible. The Christian answer to this is that no two people are compatible.”

Then Keller quotes Duke University professor Stanley Hauerwas who made this famous point:

„Destructive to marriage is the self-fulfillment ethic that assumes marriage and the family are primarily institutions of personal fulfillment, necessary for us to become „whole” and happy. The assumption is that there is someone just right for us to marry and that if we look closely enough we will find the right person. This moral assumption overlooks a crucial aspect to marriage. It fails to appreciate the fact that we always marry the wrong person. We never know whom we marry; we just think we do… For marriage, being [the enormous this that it is] means we are not the same person after we have entered it. The primary problem is… learning how to love and care for the stranger whom you find yourself married”. (Photo below via Amazon.com)

Keller points out that you can’t know ahead of time how your spouse will change, until you get there and that over the years, „you will have to learn to love a person you didn’t marry” and „make changes you don’t want to make”, but in the end you may have a joyous marriage and it will definitely not be „because you married the perfectly compatible person”. Keller states, „That person does not exist!”

Keller points out that „Hauerwas gave us the first reason that no two people are compatible for marriage”. Then Keller gives us the biblical reason:

„Any two people who enter into marriage are spiritually broken by sin, which among other things mean to be self-centered… Why would it be easy to live lovingly and well with another human being in light of what is profoundly wrong within our human nature? … the Biblical doctrine of sin explains why marriage– more than anything else that is good and important in this fallen world– is so painful and hard.”

(source Relevant Magazine)

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