In awe of God’s Creation – A retreating thunderstorm at sunset – O furtuna se retrage in amurgul serii – Coplesit de crestia lui Dumnezeu

Iunie / June Alberta, Canada

Photo credit Amazing Sky Photography via NASA

What type of cloud is that? This retreating cumulonimbus cloud, more commonly called a thundercloud, is somewhat unusual as it contains the unusual bumpiness of a mammatus cloud on the near end, while simultaneously producing falling rain on the far end. Taken in mid-June in southern Alberta, Canada, the cloud is moving to the east, into the distance, as the sun sets in the west, behind the camera. In the above image, graphic sunset colors cross the sky to give the already photogenic cloud striking orange and pink hues. A darkening blue sky covers the background. Further in the distance, a rising, waxing, gibbous moon is visible on the far right.

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