Afghan Christians fleeing to India – Muslims in Afghanistan calling for their death

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Afghanistan (MNN) ―According to a report originally published by Mohabat News, Afghanistan’s leaders are calling for the death of Christian converts.

„Numerous Afghans have become Christians in India. This is an offence to Islamic Laws and, according to the Quran, they need to be executed,” stated the Afghanistan Member of Parliment, Nazir Ahmad Hanafi, in a published report.

The number of people coming to Christ from Muslim backgrounds is reportedly increasing. Most Muslim-background believers have fled to India for safety; a growing church established in Delhi reportedly has around 250 members.

Afghanistan’s Parliament has addressed this issue on separate occasions over the past few months. Voice of the Martyrs Canada says authorities view Gospel growth as a threat.

One MP, Abdul Latif Pedram, said that „conversions to Christianity are the result of the presence of the United States in Afghanistan.” He feels the conversion of Afghans in India is part of the U.S.’s longer-term plan to alter the country’s culture and religion.

According to The Barnabas Fund, Parliamentary speaker Abdul Rauf Rahimi „ordered the country’s national security services to take serious steps to stop the spread of Christianity.”

Reportedly, some Afghan Islamic clerics have warned their government against the influence of Christianity. The Islamic Council of Afghanistan told President Karzai about more Christian aid workers and missionaries possibly coming to Afghanistan, and the likelihood of more conversions taking place as a result.

Ask the Lord to intervene in this situation and save His followers. Pray for the continued growth of His Church in India among Afghans.

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