Calatoria Crestinului (subtitrare in Limba Romana)

Within Sight of the City to Which They Went Th...

Within Sight of the City to Which They Went The Pilgrim’s Progress c1907 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

VERSIUNEA cu subtitrare in Limba Romana este ultimul video/film de pe pagina aceasta. Vezi acolo si linkul de la cartea ‘Calatoria Crestinului’  in format audio tot in Limba Romana.

This is a good version of Pilgrim’s Progress for very young children because the scenes in the video are illustrations that illustrate the plot of the story and it helps them to hear better with their ears rather than following with their eyes (as happens in the film version). It is also an excellent way to listen to it on an MP3 player, as it tells a story vs. listening to a film where much more of the action and some dialogue is portrayed visually. Either way, this story is a story worth listening and watching for adults as well as children time and time again as it portrays the struggles and the ultimate triumph in the life of a Christian.

More Pilgrim’s Progress Videos (English only)

 PART 1 of 4 – AUDIO STORY with PICTURES from the book. PART 2 of 4

 PART 3 of 4 – AUDIO STORY with PICTURES from the book. PART 4 of 4

PART 5,  PART 6,  PART 7,  PART 8


Original (old) Version

The Pilgrim’s Progress is an allegory of a Christian’s journey (here represented by a character called ‘Christian’) from the „City of Destruction” to the „Celestial City”. Along the way he visits such locations as the Slough of Despond, Vanity Fair, the Doubting Castle, and the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Bunyan, the author, had very little formal education and a humble background. Nonetheless Pilgrim’s Progress is considered one of the masterpieces of English literature, and is required reading for Christians who are on the spiritual path in a world of temptations.

              PART 1                                PART 2


subtitrare in Limba Romana

VIDEO by  constantin popescu

La situl Resurse Crestine veti gasi (absolut nou) cartea  clasica scrisa de John Bunyan- CALATORIA CRESTINULUI,  care este difuzata in format audio inLimba RomanaSeria de 27 de capitole a cartii se poate asculta online sau se poate descarca gratuit pe mp3 player.  Click aici pentru cartea audio. E o carte extraordinara! (Pilgrim’s Progress).

Vezi aici linkurile de la fiecare capitol al cartii:


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