These Are Written – An Animation for the Glory of God

actionJones makes animation for the glory of God. In this latest video, he takes a song written by Molly and Patrick Lockwood, especially written for Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, pastored by John Piper. The video starts with a young woman whose hair is gone, due to cancer. This young woman finds peace in the deeds of Jesus, as they are written in the Bible. Powerful video! And, if you enjoyed this video, here is another powerful video from actionJones– Prodigal Son.

Photo credit The Lockwoods Facebook Page (actual singers for video)

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An animation done for Christ’s glory on commission from Molly and Patrick Lockwood. Here is some info about it from their website:
actionJones„In April 2013, we had the privilege of sharing our music with Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis. We wanted to gift them with a song written especially for them, and so we trusted God for the inspiration that was needed. God ended up giving us „These are Written” after many hours of pressing in to not only the gospel accounts of what Jesus has done, but also pressing into how those stories help us understand what He is doing in our lives in this present moment. We want this song to be a great comfort especially to believers who are suffering, and we know that as they behold this Jesus who suffered and died willingly in their place, they will indeed be comforted.” Photo on left from video.

Lyrics from actionJones

Jesus calmed the waters on the Sea of Galilee
And today He spoke peace to the fears in me
Jesus turned water at a wedding into wine
Just today He turned my worry into peace of mind

Jesus broke bread with the whores and thieves
He bent down to wash His friend Peter’s feet
When I felt so dirty, so beyond love’s reach
He called out to say that He was not ashamed of me

These are written so may believe
And that by believing you may have life in His name

Jesus healed a man who spent his whole life lame
Well He cleansed my past; I’ve got a brand new name
He told a woman at a well all she’d ever done
Yea He knows me better than anyone

Where guilt ran deep, where shame flowed wide
Jesus opened all the parts of me I tried to hide
He gave me water to drink that won’t run dry
He died my death and gave me life

These are written so you may believe
And that by believing you may have life in His name

Jesus, Immanuel, Savior, Messiah, Son of man, Son of God, Holy and Anointed One, Good Shepherd, Great High Priest, Servant King, Prince of Peace, Bread of Life, Living Water, He is the Way, the Truth, the Life, Light of the World, Beginning and the End, Lily of the Valley, My Truest Friend, Mighty Lion, Humble Lamb, Risen Lord, The Great „I AM”

These are written so you may believe
And that by believing you may have life in His name

Morning may bring a brand new pain
With suffering I’m afraid to face
Confronted by things I cannot change
I’ll remember how Jesus calmed the crashing waves!

I’ll remember how Jesus healed a woman who had bled twelve years
He showed mercy to the thief who confessed through tears
He blessed the widow at the temple for the penny she gave
Jesus called Lazarus out of the grave!
And He suffered and died on a Roman tree
But He laid His life down willingly
In three days He rose as He had said
And now in Christ, death is dead

These are written so you may believe

VIDEO by actionJones

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