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Most of the kids that do not fall away from church or school in their teenage years had a family worship time at home growing up. This is a great video on how to lead a family worship in your own house. This is 1 or 4 messages from the Salisbury Conference 2013. For rest of messages go to sermonaudio and search this conference.

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Dr Joel Beeke:

Family worship is the most underestimated gift of God, in all of Christianity. It’s either taken for granted, or, it’s neglected. Yet, family worship lies at the heart of society. As goes family worship, so goes the family. As goes the family, so goes the church. As goes the churches, so goes the nations. My leading of family worship, in my family, is the most important thing I do in this world. It is nonnegotiable. It must never be skipped, it is absolutely critical. And, I would suggest to you, today, that with all the books on church growth, that are written, that many people forget that internal church growth is usually the most stable church growth, in any church. And, that internal church growth usually takes place, mostly, from those families who’ve engaged in daily, serious, sustained, family worship. I’ve had the privilege of serving 3 congregations in my life, all of them around 700-800 people, so, I have served a number of families, and I look out at the congregations, and the young people, who stay with the church, and are stalwart sons and daughters of the church of Jesus Christ, in almost every case, in all 3 churches, the young people that stay hail from those families where there is daily, serious, sustained family worship.

Dr. Beeke starts off recounting his own father’s leading of daily worship and he mentions that his father, quite often read Pilgrim’s Progress to him and his 4 siblings. In Dr. Beeke’s estimation, his father must have read and explained Pilgrim’s Progress to his children about 15- 20 times. Dr. Beeke goes over 4 points:

  1. Duty
  2. Implementation (he spends half of the message on this point, telling you how to do it, the practical nuts & bolts of it)
  3. He answers objections raised against it (very brief)
  4. Concludes with some motivations, exhorting you to it.

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