Iran – Appeals Court Upholds 6 Christian Prisoners’ 20 Year Sentence

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An appeals court upheld prison sentences for six Christian prisoners in Shiraz. An initial court had sentenced them to 20 years in total.

According to Mohabat News, Shiraz appeals court upheld sentences for six Christians totaling 20 years of imprisonment. These prisoners are currently being held in „Ebrat” ward of Adel-abad prison.

The initial court, which was held on June 10 in Branch 3 of the Revolutionary Court in Shiraz, convicted these Christian men for attending a house-church, spreading Christianity, having contact with foreign ministries, propaganda against the regime and disrupting national security. They had each been sentenced to three years and eight months in prison.

The trial was held in Branch 15 of Shiraz Judicial Courts, and chaired by Judges Hosseini and Barati.

An initial court had sentenced Misters Mojtaba Seyyed Alaedin Hossein, Mohammad-Reza Partoei (Koroush), Vahid Hakkani, and Homayoun Shokouhi to prison.

The decision of the appeals court was delivered orally to their lawyer. This verdict is final and cannot be appealed.

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And please pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Iran!

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