North Korea: UN rights probe shows ‘unspeakable atrocities’ – Fugari nord-coreeni au făcut „mărturii de nedescris” pentru anchetatorii ONU

Michael Kirby, who headed the inquiry, told the UN Human Rights Council on Tuesday that the witness testimonies were not isolated cases. He also stated that besides the torture, the inmates are also subjected to mass starvation: „They had to live on rodents, grasshoppers, lizards and grass”.

Kirby said the independent inquiry would seek to determine which North Korean institutions and officials were responsible. The report did not say what kind of prosecution might be considered. North Korea is not a member of the International Criminal Court, but the U.N. Security Council can ask the Hague-based court to investigate alleged abuses by non-signatories. North Korean diplomat Kim Yong Ho said the inquiry was a fake and defamatory „political plot” to force regime change in North Korea. It had been politicized by the European Union and Japan, „in alliance with the U.S. hostile policy”, Kim said. „We will continue to oppose any attempt of regime change and pressure under pretext of ‘human rights protection’,” he said. North Korea’s main ally China, joined by Belarus and Syria, were among countries defending it during the 90-minute debate. (


Reprezentanţii comisiilor din Tokyo şi Seul, care anchetează încălcarea drepturilor omului în Coreea de Nord şi interoghează coreeni aflaţi în exil şi foşti deţinuţi, s-au declarat şocaţi de mărturiile pe care fugarii le povestesc.

lagare_de_munca_coreea (Foto:ţele oferă o imagine sinistră a suferinţei umane. Între atrocităţile descrise se numără o femeie forţată să-şi înece propriul copil, copii închişi încă de la naștere şi înfometaţi, familii obligate să privească execuţiile rudelor sau condiţii de muncă silnică greu de descris.

„Mărturiile sunt reprezentative pe scară largă şi constituie încălcări sistematice şi barbare ale drepturilor omului”, a declarat Michael Kirby, cel care a condus interviurile. Totuşi, Coreea de Nord neagă adevărul acestor fapte şi chiar existenţa lagărelor de concentrare.

În plus, ambasadorul nord-corean So Se-pyong a declarat că mărturiile sunt „inventate de forţe ostile ţării”. Sursa Traducere


A UN rights investigation into North Korea has shown there is evidence of widespread violations by the state.

Those who survived North Korean prisons suffered „unspeakable atrocities”, said the UN panel, who interviewed exiles and former prisoners.

A North Korean official in Geneva, where the findings were presented on Tuesday, denied the findings.

The North is frequently accused of rights violations, including torture, abductions and running prison camps.

The UN panel members of this landmark investigation into North Korea interviewed witnesses in Seoul, South Korea, and Tokyo, Japan, last month.

The panel was set up to investigate „the systematic, widespread and grave violations of human rights” in North Korea, the UN said in a previous statement.

North Korean soldiers patrol along the Yalu River at the North Korean town of Sinuiju on 12 February 2013 North Korea has refused requests from the UN panel to enter the country

Michael Kirby, who headed the inquiry, told the UN Human Rights Council on Tuesday that the witness testimonies were not isolated cases.

„They are representative of large-scale patterns that may constitute systematic and gross human rights violations,” he said as part of the panel’s preliminary report.

He added the testimonies gave „a face and voice to great human suffering”.

Some of the atrocities reported included a woman forced to drown her own baby; children imprisoned from birth and starved; and families tortured for watching a foreign soap opera.

Mr Kirby told BBC World TV that they had received testimony from people who had been born into the prison camps because their family members were already there.

„They had to live on rodents, grasshoppers, lizards and on grass and they were subject to cruelty,” he said.

Mr Kirby said that one case told of inmates having to watch the public execution of their mother and brother.

He added: „All in all it is a very horrifying story, the like of which I don’t think I’ve seen or read of since the Khmer Rouge [in Cambodia] and the Nazi atrocities during the second world war.”

The panel have yet to determine those responsible for the violations.

North Korea, however, has dismissed the report as part of a defamatory campaign aimed at regime change. It has not co-operated with the investigation and denies the existence of prison camps.

North Korean ambassador, So Se-pyong, told the council that the evidence was „fabricated and invented by forces hostile” to the country.

UN investigators have repeatedly asked Pyongyang to let them into the country, but their requests have been refused so far.

The final UN report is not due until March next year. Reporting from

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