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Canadian Lakes

this year, i did a road trip through the canadian rockies.
After a flight to Calgary, i started a journey from Banff via Lake Louise and Yoho NP to Jasper. From Jasper i went to Vancouver Island, where the trip ends.
I’ve seen so many lakes, waterfalls and rivers so it’s hard to remind, but i try to count them up 🙂

Emerald Lake
Takkakaw Falls
Lake Louise
Bow River
Lake Minnewanka
Two Jack Lake
Johnson Lake
Morraine Lake
Bow Lake
Peyto Lake
Mistaya Canyon Falls
Waterfowl Lake
Sunwapta Falls
Athabasca Falls
Angel Glacier, Mt. Edith Cavell
Valley of five Lakes
Pyramid Lake
Maligne Lake
Duffey Lake
Pacific Ocean (Vancouver Island)

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