The many surprises David received, when God called him to account for his behavior

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I am listing the bullet points here, from an article written by Joe McKeever and featured at

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David was surprised to learn that …

  1. God took his sin personally.
  2. God took his sin as a rejection of His word.
  3. The enemy took his sin gleefully.
  4. The sin David committed injured him permanently.
  5. While David thought his misdeeds were done in private, God meted out the punishment publicly.

Then Joe McKeever goes on to explain what happens when a minister of God today falls into sin like David.

But my observation is that when a minister falls and his act becomes public knowledge, these 10 things happen:

1. His ministry is gone.
2. His humiliation is severe.
3. Those who believed in him and supported him feel betrayed.
4. People whom he was trying to reach for Christ now have a convenient excuse to fall away.
5. His family is wounded, perhaps irreparably.
6. Atheists and others hostile to the Christian faith have a field day.
7. His future ministry—once it’s re-established—is more limited.
8. Other ministers are tainted by being in the same profession as he.
9. The pastor’s victim has been wounded and her family has paid a price.
10. The guilt from this will hound him the rest of his life.

Pray for your ministers. Oh, one more thing: If your minister takes extraordinary steps to guard himself from temptation, do not take it personally. 

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