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Invatatorul american crestin Ronnie Smith, impuscat si omorat in Bengazi

Ronnie Smith si sotia Anita – poza din ziua nuntii lor, 2003. Anita si baietelul lor Hosea, 2 ani, s-au reintors din Libya in Sua deja. Ei aveau de asteptat doar cateva zile, pana la sosirea lui Ronnie Smith, ca sa sarbatoreasca nasterea Domnului cu familia si rudeniile sale. Dar, nu a fost sa fie asa. (Photo credit

via the Christian Post and CNN Traducere Blogul Agnus Dei

Invatatorul american Ronnie Smith, care a fost impuscat si omorat joi in Bengazi, s-a bazat pe  credinta sa in Isus Christos in timpul in care  lucra in Libia si a decis sa se mute in acea natiune tulburata, dupa ce a ascultat la un mesaj al pastorului John Piper, potrivit rapoartelor.

,,Vreau sa ma duc unde nimeni nu poate gasi o biserica daca  ar vrea sa o caute, unde nimeni nu are acces la Evanghelie,” a spus Smith, un nativ din Texas, intr-un video inainte de a se muta in Libia. Acest video a fost postat pe site-ul bisericii sale de origine, conform statiei de televiziune CNN.

Smith a servit ca diacon in biserica din care facea parte si preda chimie la Scoala Internationala din Bengazi, a fost omorat de persoane inarmate care calatoreau intr-un Jeep negru in timp ce el alerga pe afara in dimineata zilei de joi. Acesti teroristi sunt suspectati a fi militanti islamici. Smith, care avea 33 de ani, este supravietuit de sotia sa Anita si fiul sau Osea, au fost constienti de pericolul de a lucra in Libia, dar credinta lui in Dumnezeu i-a dat tarie. ,,Indiferent ce se intimpla, eu accept”, a spus membrilor bisericii in acel video, dupa cum a fost citat de canalul de stiri CBS. ,,Aceasta mie imi da pacea si eu sunt ok  cu aceasta.” ,,Aceasta nu o poate lua nimeni  de la mine indiferent ce se intampla” a spus Smith despre credinta lui crestina.

Photo credit CBS via Daily Mail UK

Smith a stat in Libia timp de aproximativ un an si jumatate inainte de a fi ucis. Anita si Osea sau intors in Texas, dar Smith a ramas acolo ca sa-si ajute elevii la examenul de la jumatatea  perioadei.

,,Am fost crescut in biserica de cand eram copil mic”, a scris Smith in site-ul bisericii despre viata sa de crestin.

Conform relatarii lui Dave Barett, pastor la Austin Stone Community Church, cea mai mare dorinta a lui Smith a fost pentru pace si prosperitate in Libia ,,si pentru ca oamenii din Libia sa aiba bucuria ca sa-l cunoasca pe Dumnezeu prin Christos.”

Smith a fost de asemenea inspirat de misiunea lui Piper, Desiring God.

Piper a reactionat si el la auzul acestei stiri. ,,Ronnie nu este prima persoana care a murit facand ceea ce i-am incurajat sa faca. Si nu va fi ultima. Daca as fi crezut ca moartea este cel mai rau lucru care i se poate intampla cuiva, as fi fost coplesit de regret… Dar punctul principal al vietii lui Ronnie este ca exista ceva care este si mai rau decat moartea. Asa ca el a fost dispus sa-si puna la risc viata pentru a salva pe altii de la ceva ce este cu mult mai rau.”

U.S. officials are still trying to determine who is responsible for the murder of American teacher Ronnie Smith, in Libya. Smith, 33, was shot and killed while jogging down a Benghazi street.

VIDEO from CBS This Morning

Ronnie Smith – American teacher and Christian gunned down in Benghazi, Libya

Ronnie Smith, born in Warren, Michigan, the third child of four, with 3 sisters,  picked John Piper as his hero on his church’s webpage, Austin Stone Community Church where Smith was a deacon. Ronnie Smith had 2 reasons for picking John Piper as his hero: (1) It was through John Piper that Smith discovered Jonathan Edwards and (2) God used John Piper to teach him the meaning and the joy of the supremacy of Christ in all things. And we can add that Piper also inspired and led Ronnie Smith to move to a restive nation like Libya, after Ronnie listened to a message preached by John Piper. (Photo on right from

Here’s what the Christian Post reported:

Smith was also inspired by Piper of the DesiringGod ministry. „Ronnie wrote to us at Desiring God last year and told us that one of my messages was significant in leading him and his family to Libya,” writes Piper on his blog. „I came to tears this morning praying for Anita and Hosea,” Piper says, but adds: „After sorrow and sympathy, my response was (and is) prayer. ‘Lord, give Anita great faith. Help her to weep – but not as those who have not hope. Make that little fellow proud of his daddy. May he grow up thrilled to be in the bloodline of such a man.'”

Piper says he is also sobered by the news. „Ronnie is not the first person who has died doing what I have encouraged them to do. He won’t be the last. If I thought death were the worst thing that can happen to a person, I would be overwhelmed with regret… But the whole point of Ronnie’s life is that there is something worse than death. So he was willing to risk his own life to rescue others from something far worse.” (Read more here –

Here’s an excerpt from John Piper’s post:

But the whole point of Ronnie’s life is that there is something worse than death. So he was willing to risk his own life to rescue others from something far worse. And he could risk his own life because he knew his own risking and dying would work for him “an eternal weight of glory” (2 Corinthians 4:17). And he knew God was able to meet every need of his wife and son (Philippians 4:19).
Read John Piper’s entire post here –

Photo credit CBS via Daily Mail UK

American teacher Ronnie Smith, who was shot and killed in Benghazi on Thursday, depended on his faith in Jesus Christ alone while working in Libya, and had decided to move to that restive nation after listening to a message by preacher John Piper, according to reports.

„I want to go where no one could find a church if they wanted to, where no one has access to this gospel,” Smith, a Texas native, said in a video before moving to Libya. The video was posted on the website of his home church, Austin Stone Community Church, until his death, according to CNN.

Smith, who served as a deacon in his church and was teaching chemistry at the International School in Benghazi, was killed by gunmen riding in a black jeep while he was out jogging on Thursday morning. The gunmen are suspected to be Islamist militants. Smith, 33, who is survived by his wife, Anita, and his son, Hosea, was aware of the danger of working in Libya, but his faith in God gave him strength. „No matter what happens, I’m good,” he told his church members in the video, as quoted by CBS News. „That gives me peace, and I’m OK with that.” „That can never be taken away from me no matter what happens,” Smith said, of his Christian faith.

Smith had been in Libya for about one and a half years before he was killed. Anita and Hosea returned to Texas, but Smith stayed back to help his students through midterm exams.

„I was raised in the church from the time I was an infant,” Smith wrote on his church’s website, about his Christian background. „It was only by the grace of God that I went through my high school and college years free from the major struggles that many of those I knew dealt with. It was not always sunshine and lollipops but God’s hand was always leading me and He brought me to where I am today.”

Smith admired the 18th century theologian Jonathan Edwards, who „understood that God gave us minds for the sole purpose of glorifying Him.” „All of his writings and personal letters are saturated with Christ and he always seemed to have the glory of God in the forefront of his thinking,” Smith wrote about the theologian. „As a man of supreme intellect and prestige, he was refreshingly humble and holy. If I could model my life after anyone in the last 1000 years it would definitely be Edwards.”

According to Dave Barrett, pastor of Austin Stone Community Church, Smith’s greatest desire was for peace and prosperity in Libya „and for the people of Libya to have the joy of knowing God through Christ.”

Sources: the Christian Post and CNN and

U.S. officials are still trying to determine who is responsible for the murder of American teacher Ronnie Smith, in Libya. Smith, 33, was shot and killed while jogging down a Benghazi street.

VIDEO from CBS This Morning

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