Captive to Glory: Celebrating the Vision and Influence of Jonathan Edwards – Free eBook from John Piper

Desiring God is releasing a new free ebook from John Piper, Captive to Glory: Celebrating the Vision and Influence of Jonathan Edwards. It is a collection of the best snapshots of Edwards’s influence in Piper’s published corpus.

Captive to Glory by John PiperThe Focus on Glory

J.I. Packer has written a few book endorsements during his long, fruitful ministry, but he’s only mentioned the ghost of Jonathan Edwards once. Back in 1986, commending the first edition of John Piper’s ‘Desiring God’ book, Packer remarked, “Jonathan Edwards, whose ghost walks through most of Piper’s pages, would be delighted with his disciple.”

If Edwards would be delighted, it’s because the focus of Desiring God, and Piper’s entire vision for ministry, is the glory of God. Edwards’s theology is complex, and has been the subject of years of seemingly endless scholarship on its details, but his passion for the supremacy of God is crystal clear. And this is palpable in anything Piper has to say.

Since each chapter of this book is a selection from a different book, there’s no necessary order the reader must follow, though the hope is that he can trace the movement from the most fundamental theology to its practical implications in the life of the church. In fact, a miniature version of the entire book is captured in the first chapter.

But keep in mind, the aim of this book is not that you can merely observe the influence of Edwards in Piper, or that you are inspired to read more primary sources, or even that you just see God’s glory. The aim is that you delight in God’s glory — that you are overcome by God’s grace in Christ to remove every obstacle that stands in the way of you enjoying him forever. May he truly do this work in our hearts.

To download Captive to Glory, click on the following format options:

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