John Piper – audio SERMONS on Youtube from the 1980’s

PiperDesiring God Ministries has formatted more than a dozen John Piper audio sermons into videos and has uploaded them on their Youtube channel in the last few months. The channel is: theJohnPiperchannel (you can subscribe at the link and see future uploads in your Youtube account’s subscription feed). My guess is that Desiring God will slowly upload all of John Piper’s old audio sermons to Youtube in the same manner, as Youtube is the easiest and fastest way to reach millions of people. We look forward to having this vast John Piper library online and easily accesible to Christians and non-Christians alike!

Here is the feed –

Here are just a couple of the dozens of videos recently uploaded form John Piper’s early years:

How to Argue with God

August 24, 1980 |by John Piper | Scripture: Psalms 143

Don’t let your sinfulness hinder your prayers. Run into the arms of God and fill his ear with arguments that aim for His honor.

Jesus Vs. the Occult

July 26, 1981 |by John Piper | Scripture: Deuteronomy 18:9–12

Jesus is God’s fullest revelation and the source of all the knowledge and power that is good for us to have.
-uploaded in HD at

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