Union with Christ – Topic for the next Desiring God Conference Feb. 3-5 in Minneapolis, or watch livestream

Desiring God 2014 Conference for Pastors
February 3–5, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Plenary Speakers: John Piper, Sinclair Ferguson, Michael Horton

More information at the event page.

Union with Christ.

Whether this doctrine is an old friend or one you haven’t heard much about, it will be greatly enriching to give three days to basking in the theology and everyday implications with Michael Horton, Sinclair Ferguson, and John Piper. (Full schedule below.)

Whether or not it’s a live option for you to join us, we invite you into the 2-minute video below, narrated by John Piper. Our prayer is that you might pick up something fresh about this important doctrine and be inspired for a lifetime of diving deeper into its bottomless sea.

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