Louie Giglio going to preach in Abu Dhabi

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The Christian Post interviewed Louie Giglio on several different subjects, including about his upcoming trip to the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates in particular. Here’s what Louie Giglio said:

Passion is going to be hosting a few events in the Mid-East, and we’ll be doing our first event ever in an Arab country which is going to be awesome. We’re doing Passion Abu Dhabi coming up in the United Arab Emirates in just a few weeks now. Our first two events are in India, in Delhi and Hyderabad. Then we’ll be back in the Philippines doing two nights in Manilla, then Singapore, and Honolulu is our last stop. We’re thrilled, we’re looking forward to it.

People ask, ‘What are you expectations in Abu Dhabi?’ I don’t know. I’ve never been to the UAE before, but I would imagine it’s gonna be a roomful of young people who love Jesus who somehow because of this beautiful world we live in are singing the same songs and who will join right in with our anthem. And it will feel just like it will feel in Hyderabad a few nights later, although the faces will be different, the culture will be different.

People are singing the same songs of faith all over the world. It’s beautiful to see how the Global Church is being unified and how, even though the world is big and the Church is big, somehow this modern world we live in, everyone is kind of on the same page together. We’re thrilled to be taking off and being apart of what God is doing in other places around the world.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque courtyard in Abu Dhabi photo  nationalgeographic.com

When asked wheteher an invitation was extended, or whether Giglio sought this event out, Louie answered:

It’s a little bit of both actually. We always have invitations to travel places around the world, but then we’re also strategic and trying to get into a particular part of the world for a short period of time. We’re both pastors and have a church to lead in Atlanta, so we can’t just be flying around the world all the time. Once we started down the road of being in India, all of a sudden a relationship opened up a door to be in Abu Dhabi and we got an invitation from Singapore, and that’s sort of in between Manilla and the next place. It’s like putting a puzzle together but God puts all the pieces together at the right time, puts us in the right place at just the right time.

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2 comentarii (+add yours?)

  1. copiicerului
    mart. 10, 2014 @ 07:36:42

    Ma bucur sa vad cum Dumnezeu foloseste oameni de stiinta care sa deschida ochii acelora pe care cei cu evolutionismul i-au lasat in intuneric.
    Domnul sa-l binecuvinteze pe Giglio!!

    • rodi
      mart. 10, 2014 @ 08:59:33

      amin! Louie Giglio a raspuns unei chemari mari in lucrarea Evangheliei si Dumnezeu lucreaza prin el cu putere. Si Dumnezeu ii deschide calea in locuri unde nu a mai patruns nimeni. Traim vremuri interesante, pe cat lupta e la maxim si martirii se inmultesc pe tot globul, cu atat si harl se inmulteste si Evanghelia patrunde in locuri unde nu a mai patruns niciodata. Dumnezeu lucreaza! Slava Lui!

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