Adrian Blaga – The Story of a double murder of a Pastor and his 9 year old son in Romania

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The slain bodies of Adrian Blaga, 39 years old, and 9 year old Timotei Blaga were found in the back of Timotei Blaga’s van, on a secluded road in the small town of Aciua, on August 6, 2013. Despite many unanswered questions and no clear motive for the double murders, the authorities in the Satu Mare Tribunal have classified the double murder as a murder suicide, calling Adrian Blaga the perpetrator. Adrian is survived by his wife, and the mother of Timotei, Lidia Blaga. Our heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to this woman who has had to endure the worst heartache imaginable and continues to be victimized by the authorities with this botched investigation.

This article can be read in the Romanian Language here. Most of the reporting, unless otherwise noted for certain points we are making, comes from this report – Vocea Transilvaniei.

When this crime was originally reported in the newspapers, it was stated that authorities found a burned vehicle, a van owned by the foundation Adrian Blaga was working for. It was discovered that Adrian Blaga had taken his son along to look for a suitable summer campground location for the children his organization was taking care of, somewhere in Satu Mare county. The initial theory was that 1 or possibly more perpetrators had committed the murders during a robbery. (Source)

Here are the unresolved issues that the court has not addressed/ or released findings on. These are taken from newspaper accounts, and sources/links are given:

  1. Problem 1 – Cigarette butts were found in the van and outside the van, yet there were no traces of nicotine in either of the victims. Authorities suggested that Pastor Adrian needed to smoke a few cigarettes in order to get enough courage to perpetrate the murder suicide.
  2. Problem 2 – empty beer cans were found in the van and outside the van, yet there were no traces of alcohol in either of the victims. Authorities suggested that Pastor Adrian needed to drink a few beers in order to get enough courage to perpetrate the murder suicide.
  3. Problem 3 – There were no traces of gasoline on the body of Adrian Blaga to suggest that he doused the car and lit a fire after he killed his son and slit his own throat.
  4. Problem 4 – Two different sets of fingerprints were sent to Bucharest and have not been identified.
  5. Problem 5 – A commenter (Adina) stated that Adrian Blaga’s laptop and cell phone have not been recovered, only the son’s cell phone has been evidenced.
  6. Problem 6 – There is no mention of Adrian Blaga’s money, which a gas station attendant saw in Adrian Blaga’s wallet the day of the double murder. Source –
  7. Problem 7 – a shepherd finds a bag and a cell phone, which Adina states belonged to Timotei. No report whether the items were fingerprinted. Source – It was reported that he had $215,000 euros the day of the murder – Source –
  8. Problem 8 –  Eyewitnesses in Satu Mare who spoke to Adrian Blaga the day of the murder, have stated that he was accompanied by 2 men and one woman. A saleswoman in Satu Mare has stated that Adrian Blaga stopped in her store and purchased a soft drink and some chocolate for his son. She stated that she also saw Adrian Blaga accompanied by two men, who purchased alcoholic beverages, and one woman, who waited outside. According to the saleslady, Adrian Blaga seemed sad and worried, and when the saleslady handed him his change, Adrian Blaga refused it, saying, „Money does not bring happiness.”Source –
  9. Problema 9 – FILE/Dosarul nr. 115/P/2012, pe rolul DNA Structura Centrală și pe urmă la S.T. Cluj, a number of pastors, referred to as protestant and neoprotestant were under surveillance for national security purposes. It was one of the ways it was decided to put an end to these unrecognized denominations in Romania. Adrian Blaga was one of the Pastors under surveillance. An order was issued for his surveillance on August 2, 2013. According to prosecutors, Adrian Blaga had withdrawn $215,000 euros. Ziarul de Banat writes about an incident in Timisoara, where in 2008, this surveillance team entered a Europlan and confiscated 800,000 Euros. DNA is in Romania similar to the US’s  ATF – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. (What they are doing watching Evangelical pastors is HIGHLY DISTURBING and reminiscent of the communist era.) In their editorial, Ziarul de Banat accuses the persecutors of covering up for high level DNA agents. See story, in Romanian, here –
With all those unresolved issues,  today, March 12th, the prosecutors stated that Adrian Blaga had „unquestionably”
  1. set fire to the van
  2. then hit his son with a hammer and then cut his throat with a machete
  3. turned the machete on his own throat and killed himself

and then they closed the case as „solved’.

And their stated main reasons for concluding this?

  1. Adrian Blaga had smoke residue in his esophagus, and he must have been alive after the fire was started. (Ironically, could he not also have been alive after someone slashed his throat and was setting the van on fire??? How does that prove he did it?)
  2. Adrian Blaga had no defensive wounds on his body, so he did not put up a struggle, there fore he is the perpetrator. (And, how many murder victims are there with no defensive wounds? And, how would one act in front of a machete? And, how would one act if someone was threatening their child’s life? And, how would a Christian act if he understood that his time had come to meet his God? )

But the saddest part of all in this entire affair is that for those that knew Adrian Blaga and his family, know a few basic facts and how unconscionable this court investigation is:

  1. Adrian Blaga was committed to children. He worked with orphaned kids and raised his own child with these children, he was affiliated with Calvary Chapel.
  2. Lidia Blaga underwent fertility treatments in order to get pregnant and give birth to their son Timotei.
  3. Adrian Blaga was a committed Christian and man of God. If you understand Romanian, or even if you can’t, please  just watch him preach in this video below:

Please pray for Lidia Blaga, for her safety and well being, and for strength and comfort, something she will need for the rest of her life. And whether it will come in this world, or in heaven, pray for justice for Adrian and Timotei Blaga.

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