Genesis 1-11: Why Does It Matter? Part 2 & 3

Genesis 1-11: Why Does It Matter?
Brian Catalucci – Creation Seminar 2 and 3 of 5 | Creation Seminar Introduction and Overview PART 1 of 5 – Why Does It Matter? with Creation Speaker Brian Catalucci. Biblical and scientific reasons why we should not compromise God’s Word with evolution, including biblical and scientific evidences for a worldwide flood, why it matters what we believe, and the cost of compromise.

Brian will refute the silly myth that Genesis 1 & 2 are contradictory creation accounts. Genesis 2 is the detail of what happened in the Garden of Eden on Day 6. In chapter 3, we learn where sin and death and suffering came from. Only in the Biblical Young Earth Creationist worldview is there a basis for the need of a Savior – Jesus Christ, whom Genesis 3:15 foretells.

VIDEO by slaves4christ

See part 1 here

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