The Morality Thread – A very interesting debate between David Robertson (Christian) and Matt Dillahunty (atheist)

If you have never heard of David Robertson, you have missed out on a lot. David, who is author and minister of St. Peter’s Free Church and Editor of the Free Church of Scotland’s Monthly Record.

You can read how David Robertson started interacting on Richard Dawkins website in response to some of Dawkins’ writing in his book ‘The God Delusion’. As he interacted with mostly atheists in the comment sections, an atheist and Richard Dawkins’ follower, by the name of Richard Morgan, started interacting with David Robertson, and eventually became a Christian. READ THIS VERY INTERESTING ENCOUNTER here, in the Christian Post. This is when I started following David Robertson in the debate world, and have found him to be a tremendous source for arguments and apologetics, from a Biblical perspective, as well as basing his arguments on reasoned logic.

The content of this video has been edited in order to isolate the particular thread within Matt and David’s discussion that specifically related to the topic of moral absolutes and moral relativism. We positively encourage you to listen to the full programme for yourself, in order to appreciate the full context of a fast moving and wide-ranging discussion.

You can listen for free or download the MPs from (P/S/ and the Unbelievable podcasts are also great resources, this was the forum in which Rob Bell discussed his book at length- here are those podcasts:

The copyright in this recording is owned by Premier Christian Radio. VIDEO by SolasCPC

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