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  1. Sunday – Sinday – Ziua pacatoasa
  2. Monday – Mournday – Ziua de jale, tanguire
  3. Tuesday – Tearsday – Ziua lacrimilor
  4. Wednesay – Wasteday – Ziua pierderii de timp, a irosirii vietii tale
  5. Thursday – Thirstday – Ziua insetarii
  6. Friday – Fightday – Ziua zavistiilor, a luptelor furioase
  7. Saturday – Shatterdy – Ziua spargerii, a distrugerii

Sapte zile fara Dumnezeu te va slabi de putere

Week=saptamana weak= slabit/slabanog

week si weak se pronunta exact la fel (uic)

Psalmul 145:1-5

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(O cîntare de laudă a lui David.) Te voi înălţa, Dumnezeule, Împăratul meu, şi voi binecuvînta Numele tău în veci de veci.
2 În fie care zi Te voi binecuvînta, şi voi lăuda Numele Tău în veci de veci.
3 Mare este Domnul şi foarte vrednic de laudă, şi mărimea Lui este nepătrunsă.
4 Fiecare neam de om să laude lucrările Tale, şi să vestească isprăvile Tale cele mari!
5 Voi spune strălucirea slăvită a măreţiei Tale, şi voi cînta minunile Tale.

Psalm 145:1-5

I will extol you, my God and King,
    and bless your name forever and ever.
Every day I will bless you
    and praise your name forever and ever.
Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised,
    and his greatness is unsearchable.

One generation shall commend your works to another,
    and shall declare your mighty acts.
On the glorious splendor of your majesty,
    and on your wondrous works, I will meditate.

Traian Dorz – Nu-i Nimeni Mai Dator ca Mine

Nu-i nimeni mai dator ca mine,
Isus, Mântuitorul meu,
Căci nimeni altul, de la Tine,
N-a mai primit atât cât eu!

Mie Tu mi-ai dat
Har aşa bogat,
O, cât sunt dator,
Scump Mântuitor,
Sunt cel mai dator,
Drag Mântuitor!

Din câte oi pierdute-odată
Aveai căzute cel mai jos,
Eu am fost cea mai depărtată,
Pe mine cel mai greu m-ai scos!

Din câţi fii rătăciţi în moarte
Au părăsit pe Tatăl Bun,
Eu mă dusesem mai departe
Şi eu trăisem mai nebun.

Din câţi Ţi-au fost datornici Ţie,
Stăpâne Sfânt şi Prea-ndurat,
N-a trebuit să ierţi cât mie,
Eu cel mai mult Ţi-am datorat.

Şi totuşi, Doamne,-atât cât mie
La nimeni parcă n-ai adus…
O, ce datornic pe vecie
Ţi-s eu, Preascumpul meu Isus!

(Traian Dorz – Cântarea biruinţei)

Anca Petrescu – Nu-i nimeni mai dator ca mine

So who is this Jesus (filmed in Israel)

An interesting video about ‘Who is Jesus’, filmed in Israel, in locations starting with the land where Abraham lived to Jerusalem, where Jesus ascended to the Father. If you want to skip the testimonials and the ‘who is Jesus’ short inter views on the street, start watching from the 7th minute to the 47th minute.

Video description:

A documentary on the biography and history of Jesus of Nazareth. Two thousand years ago a man who changed the course of history was born. He was a carpenter and as an adult never traveled more than 60 miles. He was executed for crimes he did not commit. Today there are millions of people who believe in him – and who claim he has radically changed their lives. His name is familiar to us all – even if only as a swear word. But who is he – Who is this Jesus Christ?

VIDEO by Theology, Philosophy and Science

Christ has risen! The significance of the Resurrection

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Matthew 28:1-10

1. According to the four gospels, Jesus rose from the dead following
   His crucifixion...
   a. Matthew records how the women found the tomb empty and were
      instructed by an angel to tell the disciples - Mt 28:1-8
   b. Also how Jesus appeared to them while on their way - Mt 28:9-10
   -- In all, the New Testament records ten distinct resurrection
      appearances of Christ prior to His ascension to heaven

2. The significance of the resurrection of Jesus to the Christian faith
   cannot be overestimated...
   a. It has great significance for one who has yet to believe in Jesus
   b. It also has great significance for those who are Christians

[In this study we shall consider "The Significance Of The Resurrection"
for both unbelievers and believers...]


      1. The resurrection proves that Jesus truly is the Son of God
         - Ro 1:4
      2. It also demonstrates that He truly has all authority in heaven
         and on earth - Mt 28:18; Ac 2:36

      1. Jesus foretold His resurrection on three occasions - Mt 16:21; 17:22-23; 20:17-19
         a. If Jesus was telling the truth in describing His suffering
            and resurrection...
         b. ...then He was telling the truth in everything else He said
         -- Would God raise a liar?
      2. Therefore the following teachings of Jesus are true:
         a. He was from the Father above, and spoke the words of the
            Father - Jn 8:28-29
         b. No one can come to the Father but through Him - Jn 14:6
         c. His blood was shed for the remission of sins - Mt 26:28
         d. He came to offer abundant life - Jn 10:10
         e. He went to prepare a place for us - Jn 14:2
         f. He shall come again - Jn 14:3
         g. There will be a resurrection of the dead and ensuing
            judgment - Jn 5:28-29; 12:48; Ac 17:30-31

[If Jesus was in fact raised from the dead, "The Significance Of The Resurrection" for the unbeliever is enormous!  It compels unbelievers
to come face to face with reality, and the need to accept the Lordship
of Jesus.  The resurrection of Jesus has even more significance...]


      1. Gospel preaching is vain - 1Co 15:14
         a. The preaching of the apostles is empty, meaningless
         b. There would be no purpose in preaching about a liar, or
      2. Our faith is vain - 1Co 15:14
         a. Our belief in Christ would also be empty, meaningless
         b. For our faith would be in a liar, or lunatic
      3. The apostles were false witnesses - 1Co 15:15
         a. They swore that God raised Jesus from the dead - Ac 2:32
         b. They claimed to spend 40 days with Him after the
            resurrection, eating and drinking with Him - Ac 10:39-41
         c. There is no way they could have been deceived or mistaken;
            either they told the truth or they were deliberate liars,
            deceivers, and frauds!
      4. We are still in our sins - 1Co 15:17
         a. It would have been a liar or lunatic that died on the cross
         b. No such person could have provided a sacrifice that was
            holy and without blemish
      5. Believers have perished at death - 1Co 15:18
         a. Their faith would have been in a false Messiah
         b. They would have had no atonement for their sins
         c. Dying in their sins, there would be no hope
      6. Christians are to be pitied - 1Co 15:19
         a. Because we believe in a false Messiah
         b. Because our faith in Him leads us to refrain from much
            worldly pleasure
         c. Because we are often ridiculed or persecuted for our faith

      1. It verifies our justification - Ro 4:24-25
         a. Jesus claimed His blood would be adequate - Mt 26:28
         b. By raising Jesus from the dead, God demonstrated His
            acceptance of Jesus as a sacrifice for our sins! - Ro 8: 33-34
      2. It demonstrates the power available to the Christian - Ep 1: 18-20
         a. Power available at our conversion - Col 2:11-12; 1Pe 3:21
         b. Power available to live the Christian life - Ro 8:11-13; Php 2:12-13; 4:13; Ep 3:20; 6:10
      3. It gives us hope concerning our own resurrection - 1Pe 1:3
         a. His resurrection gives us a living hope! - 1Pe 1:21
         b. Especially concerning the resurrection of believers! - 1 Th 4:13-14
      4. It demands our complete loyalty to Him - Ro 14:9
         a. He was raised and then exalted to become our Lord - Ac 2: 32-36; Ep 1:20-23
         b. Thus our lives and service belong to Him - Ro 14:7-8; 2 Co 5:15

1. The impact of the resurrection of Jesus should not go unfelt in our
   a. As a historical event it has everlasting implications
   b. For both the unbeliever and believer

2. The unbeliever needs to examine the evidence for the resurrection
   a. The nature of the testimony provided by the witnesses
   b. The unfeasibility of alternative explanations for the empty tomb
   -- For if Jesus rose from the dead, one must believe in Him! - Jn 8: 24

3. The believer must never lose sight of the significance of the
   a. Do our lives demonstrate that we serve a risen Lord and Savior?
   b. Do we possess the hope, peace, and strength that the reality and
      power of His resurrection gives to the Christian?

May we never forget "The Significance Of The Resurrection" of Jesus
Christ in our lives!

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