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John Piper: So, when I come to the Bible I have this bias that threatens to control my interpretation of what the Bible really teaches about the spiritual condition of women apart from the work of Christ. Part of this bias is that I have a built-in aversion to speaking of women as evil. Partly, this is statistical, I suppose—women don’t do most of the ghastly evil things in the world. Partly, it’s because my mother was a woman and my wife is a woman and my daughter is a woman, and the association of the “evil” with them sticks in my throat. And partly it’s because of I think of masculinity as more tough, and hard-hitting, and physically aggressive, and women as more tender, and gentle, and nurturing; and those traits tend to heal from evil, not do evil—so it would seem.

So I come to the Bible with this bias, and what I find is that before the Holy Spirit unites us to Christ and gives us spiritual life and spiritual sight and faith, so that in Christ we are forgiven and justified and reconciled to God—before the Holy Spirit does that supernatural work for us—we are all in a dreadful condition. We, meaning every human being on this planet, every ethnicity, every age group, from conception to death, whether religious or irreligious, moral or immoral, male or female, no exceptions. We are all in a dreadful condition apart from Christ.

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