How old are we going to be in heaven?

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Series entitled: „What’s So Exciting About Heaven”  VIDEO by John Ankerberg

Randy Alcorn: If we look back at Adam and Eve, we see of course that there was apparent age. Of course they’ve just been created, but they appear to be a certain age. What age was that? We don’t know for sure, but, we just assume that it would be at the peak of their development. So, probably, post adolescent. But, in the resurrection, where will we be? Well, actually, a lot of ink was spilled on this in the middle ages: Peter Lombard, St. Thomas Aquinas, as well as prominent theologians in the middle ages. Now, I’ve thought a lot and wrote about this, and Thomas Aquinas said, „We’ll all be 33 years old, the age of our Lord, Jesus Christ, when He died.” Well, yeah, it’s a good thought, but there’s no specific basis for that. But, certainly, the idea would be something like, like in our 20’s or whatever the peak of our development might be.

Now, as far as someone dying when they’re older; they’re not gonna be resurrected in an old looking and feeling body, because that was under the curse that the deterioration of age was taking place. And, there will be no  more curse. So, we know for sure that won’t happen. As for little children, if a child does die at 4 years old, a lot of parents wonder, „Well, will they just kind of fast forward? And will they be at the peak of their development? Will everybody look alike to everybody else?” And, I think that it’s very possible that on the new earth, in the resurrection, on the new earth, it could be that God may allow the child who was 4 years old to be resurrected at 4 and then grow to their place of maturity. If that’s true, and whether that would be in the millennium or the new earth, if that’s true, then what a basis for hope, for parents who feel they were robbed of those years in their child’s life, where their child would have been growing up? It’s possible that they may actually see their child grow up in the new earth, and if that’s the case they would feel privileged because they would be able to watch their child grow up without any worries about what’s going to happen to this child.

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