The Intolerance of Tolerance – Greg Koukl

Fellowship Church Knoxville (March 1, 2014) – Lecture by Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason. This message is from Worldview Conference: Answering Faith’s Toughest Questions. (Session 3) VIDEO by Theology, Philosophy and Science

Greg Koukl: Sometimes, the ability to see problems is not as easily taught as it is caught. That is, if you kind of take a ride, along, with someone who is working through things and is showing you things, you begin to get the rhythm of how people can make errors in thinking. And, I hope that this session is going to be an example of that, because one of the challenges to us, as followers of Christ in the context of our culture has to do with the notion of our views being intolerant.

This is something that absolutely stonewalls Christians. They don’t know what to say. When somebody calls you intolerant, they’ve changed the subject. Now, they’re no longer talking about Christ, they  are talking about your character and your personality, and I’ll develop that a little bit more. But, still, the charge, I think, needs to be answered in some fashion. And I think you’re gonna be surprised that what you discover here this morning, because I wanna talk a little bit about why people seem so angry at Christians.There’s a lot of tension in the public square, in the conversation about spiritual things.

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