Can Facebook change my spiritual life? Part 2 Guest: Cristi Prunean on Logos Podcasting

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From  Producer: Dan Miclea Text: Agnus Dei. This lecture is from the West Coast Romanian Youth Conference, May 2014. You can watch the messages here – „Beyond This Moment” 2014 West Coast Romanian Youth Convention.

facebook haloBasically, we’re gonna look at some aspects of social media.

  • We’re gonna take a look at some statistics that are absolutely mind boggling, in terms of how pervasive and how popular social media is.
  • We’re going to look at what social media does from the psychological aspect- to what it does to the person who uses social media very often.
  • From there, we will transition into some spiritual aspects. I believe that if one is active in social media, that account can be ‘kind of’ a snapshot of their spiritual status and I will provide evidence for it today.
  • Then, we will look at some case scenarios. Let’s just say that these will be some hypothetical examples, but the thing is that many of those hypothetical examples have actually occurred in the Romanian Christian community. So, let’s just say from the beginning that these are hypothetical, so I don’t want you guys to go and look up people’s accounts, to see who has done what.

Let’s take a look at 3 cases. We’re going to consider these hypothetical cases Even though they may have happened; they probably did happen. But I am not pointing a finger towards anyone. This is for our own learning.

Young Ladies: About Those Twitter and Facebook Pictures....

Case #1 – We’ll call it the bump. Has anyone seen pregnancy bumps on Facebook? Belly bumps? The belly button sticking out each week. Some people think they’re cool, some think they’re annoying. I’m kind of indifferent to them. It’s okay. But some people are really irked by them. We’re gonna put a spin on this. Let’s say that a young couple gets engaged, then they get married  at a local church and on their honeymoon, they start posting pictures on Instagram and Facebook. And this is the honeymoon picture that they posted. So, here we have a lady who is pregnant, 16 weeks along, maybe 20 weeks, and this is a honeymoon picture. And this is, surely, after the wedding. What we have here is a result of sexual sin and we have a display of sexual sin. So, now we have 2 concepts we will deal with here. With private repentance, this is lack of conviction for that sin. What should you do? Should you, instead, come to the cross, and repent privately of that sin? This couple has clearly lived in sin prior to getting married. Now, instead of privately repenting, they are inundating our news feeds with a display of their sin. Is this okay? Repentance from sin is crucial in the process of salvation. And again, lying is the same as sexual sin. In the eyes of God, things [sins] are not different. Like greed, they’re all the same, they all lead to death, without question. But in our minds, when we read Scripture, Scripture sets sexual sin in its own category and there’s a reason for that. There are some objections to my objection.

So, let’s review the objections to my objections. They may say, „Well, what’s the big deal? They are getting married. They’re already married. Look, it happened. Just forget about it and move on.”  Here’s the counterargument. The counterargument is that intimate objections are meant only and only for marriage, Jesus said, and He quotes Scripture here, „A man shall leave his mother and father and be joined to his wife.” Critical word, here. „And the two shall become flesh.” Matthew 19:4. The woman has to be his wife. They cannot just be engaged. They have to be married; they have to make that public commitment before the Lord. And we mentioned that sexual sin is in a category of its own. You may not be aware of this, but Paul lays down this doctrine in 1 Corinthians. He says: „Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but a sexually immoral person sins against his own body.” 1 Corinthians 6:18. „He who commits adultery lacks sense. He who does it, destroys himself. He will get wounds and dishonor. And his disgrace will not be wiped away.” So, people will talk about these things when they show up in your feed. They will talk about it. I’m not saying this happens a lot, but, if you look back in the past 25 years that I’ve been in my church, I can think of examples where this particular thing has occurred in the Romanian community, on the West Coast.

So, what can you do about it? Well, at the first level of what you can do is private encouragement. You can approach the person and ask them to remove their picture, if you feel that they’re your friend, you can go to them with that kind of information: „You can come to the cross,” you can explain that. The next level would be considering the involvement of other brothers and sisters, the pastor. This is what a spiritual leader does.This is a Matthew 18 doctrine, in how to approach doctrine and sin inside the church. The final level, I call this the nuclear option. Do not go nuclear unless you are absolutely sure, that you want to do this and you’re prepared to do something like this. I recently saw someone go nuclear in the past month. I saw someone go nuclear on Facebook. Someone posted a video of a young child being baptized. They were baptized by their parents, the mom. We are evangelicals and the majority of evangelicals are credobaptists. That is, we do not believe in baptizing small children, we baptize teenagers or adults who make a profession of faith. So, someone took exception to this video and went absolutely nuclear on that particular thread. I can’t really go into details, cause it’s not worth it. But the thing is you should be careful, You’ve got to do it lovingly; you can’t just start posting Scripture and damn them to hell. We are called to encourage and to exhort. So keep that in mind. Don’t ever go nuclear unless you’re absolutely sure you know what you’re doing. I’ve never actually done that and will probably never do it. Nuclear, by the way, means going public with the information, telling the church, essentially. (Matthew 18)

Now, still, case #1 – The bump- Let’s look at the public reaction to the photo of the pregnancy that has occurred while living in sin. The picture gets a bunch of likes and happy comments from church folks. Is there a problem with that? That’s something we’ve got to think about. You know, there’s a verse in 1 Corinthians 5, there’s a case of immorality in the church and Paul talks about it as in „You’re boasting about it”. He says, „You, instead, should mourn, not boast about it.” One can say, „Well, we gave them a like because they chose to not hide it. We gave them a like because they chose not to have an abortion”. That’s something valid. That’s actually a very valid argument. But, I still think it’s a problem to post it in public.

Let’s look at Case #2 – Two church going college students – this case is hypothetical. Let’s say they live on the East Coast and they are dating within a group a couple of months. And then, they start dating alone after a couple of months. And, after a couple of weeks of dating alone they do this on Facebook. Has anyone seen this before in a relationship? They declare „I am in a relationship with this person”. There’s nothing wrong with that, by the way. But, let’s say they actually do this. Let’s talk about the consequences of prematurely advertising  a relationship in public. In the first 24 hours, this post gets 100 likes. So now, everybody is aware that this is going on. Then there’s some comments that come up, below. People saying, „You guys look so cute.” „You’re a beautiful couple.” „Congratulations…” And then a smart aleck shows up and starts saying things like, „Awesome! When’s the wedding?” And then, some other guy shows up, another smart aleck, „You better invite me to your wedding.” And then, the young couple gets a little anxious because they realize that maybe they made the announcement too early. And, I don’t like those kinds of things, people making fun of us.

Or, again, hypothetical, we have a situation where a couple of months later they post a destination picture. Is there anything wrong with a couple posting a destination picture? A destination picture is when you go somewhere far away, like Mexico or Hawaii and now, people are asking questions, „Why are these 2 going somewhere far away? Are they living in sin?” Why do these things have to run through our head? Are they in different hotel rooms? What are they doing? You know? I’ve seen a number of these among the thousand friends that I have. It’s very interesting. So the thing is, be careful, the consequences of your posts and realize what the implications are. Who is gonna see this? Your parents. Maybe your pastor is gonna see this. These things have real life consequences. If you mark yourself in a relationship, the entire United States is going to know you are in a relationship. And then a month later when that sign comes off, nobody is gonna know that the sign has come off. That you’re not in a relationship anymore, that you broke up. So you have labeled yourself and when you go to the youth convention, the opposite sex is gonna think that you’re in a relationship and they’re not gonna wanna be interested in you. They’ll be kind of put off a little bit. So, be careful. Is this gonna affect your future? Be very careful.

Case # 3. Last case here – Call this case the theologian. This will be interesting. Question is: Who is the theologian? I’m gonna paint a picture for you here. The theologian is a 30 year old young man, usually unmarried, or could be married, who was raised in the Romanian pentecostal church. He attended church and he was not born again. He just went to church because his parents made him go to church and so, he left the church. There are countless cases like this, which I can think of right now. He left a Romanian church and by the grace of God, somehow and some way, God tracked him down and he became saved. He was saved, not in a Romanian church, but in an American church, and maybe even a non-pentecostal church. So now, his mission in life is to deal with his past. And his mission in life is to take down the pentecostal Romanian churches, to take down „the heresies” that are being taught in the Romanian church- in his mind. This is like his mission now.

So, he goes around posting things like this- we’re not gonna discuss this post and the theology behind it, but I just wanna show you. Jean Calvin’s most famous quote: „God preordained from his own glory in the display of his attributes of mercy and justice upon the human race without any merit of their own, to eternal salvation.” In another part „and just punishment  for sinus eternal damnation.” This is the doctrine of double predestination. So, our young man, knowing full well that the Romanian church is arminian, and does not subscribe to this doctrine, he posts this even though 80% of his friends are in the Romanian church. So he posts it and what happens? People take exception to this. This can get very heated. So a thread like this one can easily gather a few hundred comments. There are Bible verses being posted at first. And then, later on, we graduate from Bible verses to virtual attacks and all sorts of comments and even fighting. It definitely happens. This was his goal after all, to show how problematic the Romanian church is. But he’s not doing that/ All he’s doing is generating fights among the brethren. So, subjects like this can definitely be discussed, but I encourage that it be done privately. Do it in a private chat session or in a secret or private group on Facebook and not in a place where 400 of your friends can see it, and make a fool of yourself.

Here’s what John Piper says about social media: „I strive to fill this media with as much provocative, reasonable , Bible saturated, prayerful, relational, Christ exalting, truth driven, serious, creative pointers to true greatness, as I can.”

Then, I want to mention 2 John 12- Though I have much to write to you, I would rather not use paper and ink. Instead, I hope to come to you and talk face to face, so that our joy may be complete.

Well, the most advanced technology back then was a paper and a pen, and mail. Well, the most advanced technology we have today is Facebook or Instagram, email, texting. And he says, ” I would much rather come to you and speak to you face to face, as opposed to using technology. And I just want to exhort you guys to use social media to supplement, to augment your relationships. You must set your relationships in real life, not in the social media. Social media cannot replace them. You know, if someone was to ask me, „What was the most painful thing that you have experienced on Facebook?” Maybe someone might think: Oh, maybe a real mean comment someone made. Or maybe someone tagged me in an inappropriate picture and I wasn’t even part of that picture. But, to me, the most painful thing I’ve experienced on Facebook has to do with these spiritual aspect of things. I have seen, not once, not twice, but 3 times, people declaring their apostasy on Facebook. They have come out and made an announcement to the world that they have now rejected the faith. Like: „I am no longer Christian, for these reasons.” And they give reasons. Three times I’ve seen that and one of them, actually, I still talk to him pretty often and I try to kind of reason with him. But the thing is that these people can very quickly fall into a hardened state, very very hardened and it’s very difficult to get through to them because they are blinded by their own hardening. It’s important to keep in mind these things, the dangers of social media.

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