Greg Laurie Interviews Dr. James Dobson

Dr. DobsonLaurie: To say that James Dobson is one of the most influential leaders in evangelicalism is an understatement. I would say he’s a living legend, and a man of God whom I’ve had the privilege to know personally. And I can tell you that the private Dr. Dobson is the same as the public Dr. Dobson, and I’ll refer to him as Jim, because he’s asked me to do that.

He was born on April 21st, 1936 in Shreveport, LA. He earned a pHd in Child Development at USC. He was associate clinical professor of pediatrics at the USC School of Medicine for 14 years. He spent 17 years on the staff of The Children’s Hospital  of Los Angeles in the division of Child Development and Medical Genetics. Then, he has also served on multiple government advisory panels and testified at government hearings as well. He has had close relationships with many of our presidents including President Reagan and President Bush I and President Bush II. He is also the outhor of many books, 36 in total, including

  • Dare to Discipline,
  • Bringing up boys,
  • Bringing up girls,
  • The strong willed child,
  • What wives wish their husbands knew about women
  • When God doesn’t make sense
  • and many more…
  • and his brand new book, coming out soon: Your legacy, your greatest gift (which is discussed in the interview)
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Laurie: I first met Dr. Dobson in 1995 when we did a crusade in Colorado Springs, where Focus on the Family (Dobson’s organization) is located. As the years have gone gym we’ve talked here and there. But, his son Ryan became close friends with our son Christopher. In fact, they both went to Biola together. And when the Lord called our son home, Ryan contacted us and asked if I’d like to speak with his father. And so, after Christopher had died, we were on the phone a long time with Dr. Dobson, my wife, myself, our daughter-in-law Brittany. That same voice that has brought comfort to millions around the world was there for us at a very important time in our life. He has been, for many of us, there, at a very important time in our life and has influenced us and helped us to raise our children and tell us how to have stronger families. And he’s been an advocate for so many important issues that we hold dear, including the sanctity of life and the real biblical definition of  marriage and we’re thankful for his courage.

VIDEO by Harvest: Greg Laurie

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