Testimony – A life of drugs and suicidal thoughts changes, when he remembered he had a copy of the New Testament

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Testimony: Reverend Joplin Emberson

Joplin Emberson was leaving his high school one day when Gideons were conducting a distribution outside. One of the Gideons handed him a New Testament. Joplin had no intention of ever reading it. His life was spiraling out of control, and by the time he was a senior in high school he was addicted to drugs and selling them as well.

When he was 20, he found himself lying in bed after a horrible evening. He began contemplating suicide. But one thought came to his mind…”What if hell really exists?” And as the Lord would have it, he then picked up that New Testament, which for some reason he still had and opened it and began to read.

See what happened next in this inspiring testimony of how a single copy of God’s Word impacted a life forever.

Testimony: Reverend Joplin Emberson from the gideons on Vimeo.

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